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At PoGDesign we pride ourselves on being different from other website design and development companies.
We pride ourselves on our ability and our insistence to "go beyond"; to bring you extra features, a more focused design structure and a greater level of satisfaction about the whole of your site; not only for you, but for your customers too.
We pride ourselves on designing and building your website in-house, giving you outstanding value for money, and making sure your site stands out from those by other companies that force pre-made systems and pre-designed templates on their customers.

Who we are. What we do.

PoGDesign is a website design agency based in Manchester, England, although we have clients all over the world. We make cutting edge, stylish websites that look fantastic, employ the latest technologies and are fully accessible to all. We follow and build upon standards that not only make your site work in every browser available (increasing your user base) but also comply with current and upcoming laws defining the use of your website by people with disabilities.

We cater to start up businesses, international companies, charities and individuals. No one is left out. The only thing you need is a desire for the most stylish website, the best ecommerce solution or the most feature packed content management system. Call us today FREE on 08000 433 764 to talk to us about your new website.

Presenting eZecom - the social ecommerce solution


PoGDesign is the creative team behind eZecom (www.ezecom.co.uk), an amazing and feature rich e-commerce solution. Our main focus of work is medium to large scale e-commerce sites, or for those companies wanting something more for their online shop. The flexible nature of eZecom means that whether you are selling 1 product, or 100,000, eZecom will give a system that you can rely on to attract users, convert orders and bring back customers time and again.

eZecom is one of the first e-commerce solutions to focus on the ever growing social networking aspect of the internet. Being able to easily link your products with their own friends and relatives, your users and customers will spread word of your site through sites such as Facebook and Google Groups, giving you the benefit of free advertising. We can also include a forum, and better integrate this with your online shop, so that your users can more easily discuss you and your products, engendering more confidence in your company and increasing sales.

The front of the site includes a brilliant new search engine that will amaze your users, and making finding the product they want so much easier, leading to more sales. A persistent shopping basket ensures that they can quickly checkout on returning to your site, even if they turn their computer off. A more user focused registration form takes their details, and from their own dedicated user area they can add unlimited delivery addresses or print out PDF invoices of their orders.

Talk to us today FREE on 08000 433 764, request a call back, or get a free quote through our website.

This is web site design!

pogdesign is based in Manchester UK; web site design is our passion. We specialise in building a content management system or an ecommerce solution that helps your business to grow.

pogdesign is a web site design company with one goal - to make the internet a nicer place to be. The company employs a team of skilled individuals who bring a clean, functional approach to web design, e-commerce and print design.

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If you would like to talk about your project, please request a call back. We will try to call you back within a couple of hours.

Quick look at a side project...

Our TV Calendar is a little project we started. We did it to show what can be done.
It gets 3.9 million visits every month, as of November 2013.

Fragrance Stop now have a stylish website that sells their company perfectly...

Golden Generation is an online novel from Stephen Morris and Ralf Little...

Castlehill Crafts were one of our first clients to use eZecom V3, and have enjoyed increased sales...

Purpleroom Crafts are another long term client of PoGDesign, using eZecom for more than 2 years...

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Some of our clients include: craft products | purpleroom crafts | sams art