S03E06 Series 3, Episode 6 Summary

Ellie and Hardy bring a new suspect in for questioning. In a search of this suspect's premises, Ellie finds devastating new evidence linking him to the crime.

Back at the station, DC Katie Harford confronts Ellie and Hardy with an uncomfortable truth about her role in the investigation.

Hardy and Ellie's new suspect gives them his detailed version of events, but when they dig deeper they begin to doubt his story.

Ellie and Hardy discover that Ian has taken a personal item of Trish's without her knowledge. They seize it for examination. What can they learn from it?.

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Broadchurch Show Summary

Aided by local Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller, the newly arrived, out-of-town Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigates the mysterious death of an 11-year-old boy on a beach at the foot of a cliff at the seaside community of Broadchurch. The investigation takes in the boy's parents and the residents of the town who come under the media spotlight - threatening to reveal secrets and betrayals. The seaside town of Broadchurch becomes the centre of a major police investigation and a national media frenzy.

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