S03E05 Give It Up, Princess Summary

A friend of Adrian's is taken captive by one of Tabor's rivals, demanding a specific data file in exchange for her release. When the crew discover that the file contains information about the construction of a secret Ferrous battle fleet, they agree to help in exchange for the file. The only problem is Adrian isn't exactly sure where Tabor hid the data file.

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Dark Matter Show Summary

A group of six people awaken in stasis pods with amnesia aboard a starship called the Raza. They have no memories of their identities or their lives before awakening, so they assume the names One through Six, in the order in which they left stasis. They stabilize their vessel and set about trying to determine who they are and what happened to them. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.

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