S01E08 Crazy Scripted Love Summary

Paige and Cassie's fight is impacting Paige's performance, and when Jake is too busy to help, Rainer offers his own advice. Later, Jake's career takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, when Alan and Rainer spend some time together, Nina grows concerned. On top of her worries, she's facing a possible lawsuit, and she agrees to help Jordan with his mother's issues. Rainer surprises Nina with a helpful solution, but her happiness is short-lived when her worst fears about Alan and Rainer are confirmed.

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Famous in Love Show Summary

Paige Townsen is a normal college girl working on her business degree who enjoys acting on the side. When the next big movie franchise goes into production and opens its doors looking for the next "It girl" to play the lead role, Paige's roommates Cassie and Jake convince her to go to the open casting call. Never in her wildest dreams does she think she will even make it to the callbacks, but after an electric audition with Hollywood heartthrob Rainer Devon, her chance of a lifetime happens. She gets the part and her life is about to change forever.

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