S01E01 Series 1, Episode 1 Summary

Three women set sail for the colony of Jamestown in 1619. But drama awaits, along with the men they are duty bound to marry.

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Jamestown Show Summary

On the coast of Virginia in 1619, a ship arrives bringing women to the fledgeling colony. The men have been there for 12 years and some have paid for the women - 'maids to make wives'. Only now, on the dockside, do the women see who they are to marry.

Farm girl Alice likes the look of the man who collects her, a strapping hunk called Silas. One catch: it’s Silas's brother Henry who has purchased her, and he's a rougher proposition altogether, as she soon learns. Meanwhile, her pal Verity gathers she has landed the town drunk – and meets him as he's being nailed to the stocks by his ear...

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