S08E20 All Things Being Equal Summary

Gloria, Claire, Haley, Alex, Lily, Luke and Manny are equally committed to showing their support for gender equality and the women's movement in very different ways. Meanwhile, Jay and Phil are at odds on how their parking lot attendant, Joan, should be running their lot, and jealousy ensues when Pam prefers Mitchell's help over Cam's with her baby.

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Modern Family Show Summary

When the Pritchett, Delgado and Dunphy families agree to be interviewed by a documentary crew, they have no idea just how much they're about to reveal about themselves. Jay Pritchett met the stunning Columbian Gloria when she bartended in a bikini at the pool party he threw for himself the day his wife left him. Now Jay and Gloria are married and Jay tries hard to keep up with his much younger and hotter wife and her passionate teenage son, Manny.

Claire Delgado is having a hard time raising her own family. Her husband Phil is great, except for the fact that he thinks he's "down" with their teenage kids, much to their embarrassment. Mitchell Dunphy and his enthusiastic partner Cameron have just adopted Lily, a precious little baby girl from Vietnam. This engaging new comedy offers a mockumentary view into the complicated, messy, loving life of three unique families. Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd invite you into the sometimes warm and sometimes twisted embrace of modern day families.

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