HankMeds treat a thrill-seeking journalist who refuses to let a health scare keep her from her job. Elsewhere, Evan and Paige's relationship is put under the microscope thanks to political mudslinging, and Hank worries that Molly's behavioral problems may amount to more than simple teenage angst. Finally, Jeremiah comes to a startling conclusion after Shelby questions him regarding Hank's use of painkillers.

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Royal Pains Show Summary

Dr. Hank Lawson is a promising young doctor in a high stress, high visibility position in a major New York hospital. When a hospital trustee dies under his watch, Hank's career is over, or is it?

With the encouragement of his brother Evan and Divya, an ambitious physician assistant, Hank embarks on a new career as a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, a refuge of the rich and famous.

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