S06E13 The Box Summary

As the future of the country hangs in the balance, Olivia and Fitz are at odds with Rowan, and Jake employs surprising tactics to manipulate the Mystery Woman.

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Scandal Show Summary

As former White House Communications Director for the president, Olivia Pope has the power to "fix" things for everyone. Now, she is on her own working for herself with a new law firm, dedicating her life to protecting the public images of the nation's elite and making sure their secrets never get out.

She is hoping to start a new chapter - both professionally and personally. However, as it always is, the past starts to come back into her life when slowly it is clear that her staff, who are specifically trained in fixing the lives of other people, can't seem to quite fix their own issues.

When Olivia is called to protect the president again, she and her firm need to look over all the evidence to try to squash the scandal before it hits mainstream media. This takes her on a journey to find the truth and cover it.

Olivia Pope and Associates staff includes Harrison Wright, a smooth and efficient litigator; Abby Whelan, the firm's investigator; Huck Finn, a hacker with a CIA past; and recent recruit Quinn Perkins, a fresh faced lawyer with a secret just as dark as those they try to protect.

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