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The Ultimate Shock

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Episode Summary

Tom, Ian, Katie and Jenn are the final four. To celebrate, they are given a big breakfast as Tree Mail. After Tom wins a very physically demanding Immunity Challenge, the tribe gather together and tell Jenn she is being voted out. But before Tribal Council, Jenn tells Tom if Ian had won he was out, which completely shocks Tom, making him think Jenn shouldn't be the one to leave. After two rounds of voting Jenn and Ian are tied and go on to a fire-starter tie-breaker. Ian wins the tie-breaker and Jenn leaves the final four.

After getting back to camp, Tom and Katie argue with Ian over the truth about his voting intentions. After getting Tree Mail, the Final Three acknowledge all those previously voted off castaways and then head over to their final Immunity Challenge. After standing on a bouy for 11 hours and 55 minutes, Ian tells Tom he will give up immunity only if he takes Katie to the final two in exchange for their friendship back. Tom agrees and forgives Ian. The next morning, Tom and Katie create a bon fire using their picnic table and face the jury and their questions.

Episode Aired : 9 years ago

Episode Info : Season 10, Episode 14
Date Episode Aired : 15th May 2005
Watched By : 248 People

Main Show Page : Survivor

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