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The Aftermath

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Episode Summary

Following the attack on the Pro-bending Arena, Tarrlok denounces Lin publicly and calls for her resignation. Determined to keep the city safe, Lin begins raiding places and uncovering secret Equalist supporters. Meanwhile, with the arena damaged, Mako and Bolin are forced to move out and move in to the Sato mansion. While visiting the mansion, Korra overhears a phone conversation Hiroshi is having and tells Lin and Tenzin that she believes he is working with the Equalists. Hirsohi lets the police investigates his factories but they come up with nothing. A worker organizes a secret meeting with Korra, Tenzin, and Lin and informs them of a secret factory at the Sato mansion. However, the "useful tip" ends up being a trap for the Benders.

Episode Aired : 2 years ago

Episode Info : Season 1, Episode 7
Date Episode Aired : 19th May 2012
Watched By : 2365 People

Main Show Page : The Legend of Korra

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