Two years after the Red John case was closed, Jane receives a surprising job offer that could change his life.

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The Mentalist Show Summary

The Mentalist follows Patrick Jane, a consultant for the police who aids the California Bureau of Investigation in solving intriguing cases. Working with Patrick are leading agent Teresa Lisbon, agents Grace Van Pelt, Wayne Rigsby and Kendall Cho.

As the agents investigate a vast variety of crimes, Patrick adds to each investigation by incoporating elements of his experience as a mentalist. By watching human reactions and using hypnosis and autosuggestion, Patrick is able to set traps where the suspects and witnesses reveal the truth behind the case.

With his hazy past pretending to be a psychic, he had a complete deflection in his life when a serial killer decides to show where he would not get into, and it ends up bringing pain and regret to his life with his wife's and daughter's death.Therefore, Patrick decides to use his knowledge and talents definitively to arrest all those that use California as playground.

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