S24E04 Series 24, Episode 4 Summary

Chris Harris and the £2m Bugatti Chiron attempt to cross the Arabian peninsula faster than Matt LeBlanc and a roster of money-no-object transport solutions.

Back in Britain, Rory Reid constructs a life-size arcade game to test the Renault Twingo GT and its city car rivals, while rap star Tinie Tempah tackles the Top Gear track in the Reasonably Fast Toyota GT86.

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Top Gear Show Summary

BBC's hit motoring show is more than just a show to review new cars. Top Gear is essential viewing. Not just for petrol heads, it also has a huge following amongst people with little or no interest in cars - both male and female. This is due to the show's irreverent approach to motoring, the humour and the priceless chemistry between the show's presenters - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, with special appearances from the tame racing driver, The Stig.

Don't be fooled, this is not another boring technical car programme, there is carnage, mayhem and fun, with less stuffy mundane car reviews. The boys have races and do crazy things with cars - anything from driving them into swimming pools to setting them on fire!

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