This free TV guide and calendar was made in 2005 by PoGDesign. It is currently the #1 most popular calendar for TV schedule listings on the internet.
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We are now accepting donations

The Calendar is attached to our company website, PoGDesign, but it has always been a personal project, worked on out of hours, and by a few people that have no ties to the company. As many of our long time visitors will atest, we constantly add features, fix bugs, tweak the user experience and answer emails. This year though, for the first time, the cost of maintaining the calendar at the size it is now is starting to tax us.

The TV Calendar (or CAT as its affectionately known) was first developed more than seven years ago (around the middle of 2004) as a very basic page. Since that time it has grown exponentially. Every year sees 50% more visitors than the year before, so that from 1000 a day 7 years ago, we now get over 100,000 visits a day for the majority of the week from more than three quarters of a million unique visitors a month!

In 2012, we are expecting this to rise to 130,000 visits on the busiest days, from over 1 million unique visitors.

We have been asked numerous times why we don't have a donate button, and until now the answer has been that we love working on the Calendar and getting your emails of thanks and repeated visits has been enough. The Calendar as it stands has never and will never be a paid for service, and we don't even ask that you give any personal information (ie, make an account) before you can use the site. That being said, a LOT of time, effort and a not unsubstanstial amount of money, has gone into the making and maintaining of the site over the last 6 years. This has only increased further with the new influx of users.

If you would like to help us, or just say thanks in the nicest possible way, please think about donating. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Donations will be used to keep the site running on quality servers, and for us to keep experimenting with new features. This isn't an ultimatum, there is no obligation to donate. The site will stay up, new features will be introduced, we will still answer emails and generally continue to produce the best TV Calendar of it's kind on the 'net.

Please Note: There is no "premium service" on the Calendar; donating has no "on site" benefits. At most, we will disable the Google Ads from showing on the main and mobile versions of the site for your account. If you donate, we want it to be purely because you love the site and want to show your appreciation for the last 6 years of work we have put in.

Lastly: If you enjoy the site, please continue to use it however you wish. Tell your friends, your family and puppies (kittens are also acceptable; we've seen Youtube). If you do decide to donate, a big thank you from us all.

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