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Here at pogdesign we sat down and thought long and hard about our content management system (cms). Our standard content management system is obviously extremely easy to use yet very powerful, giving you full control over every part of your site, from text to images.

You simply log in to a secure portion of your site, decide which area needs updating, change it and you're done. It's that easy. No more working with complicated programs or waiting for files to upload. You only have access to your content, so you can't break the visual style of the site and therefore put potential clients off. It's that easy.

Managing your web site content just got easier

Introducing the Visual Management System

We also went a step further. Depending on how you use your site, we can also offer our unique Visual Management System. The VMS works like a canvas of your site. Instead of typing the content into text fields, like a usual content management solution (cms), you can edit the text "as is" on your site. This means you can easily see how the text looks as you change it, and how images should look too.

By giving this word processor functionality in a content management system, we have once again developed a system that is beyond what other companies can offer.

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pogdesign is based in Manchester UK; web site design is our passion. We specialise in building a content management system or an ecommerce solution that helps your business to grow.

pogdesign is a web site design company with one goal - to make the internet a nicer place to be. The company employs a team of skilled individuals who bring a clean, functional approach to web design, e-commerce and print design.

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