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Castlehill Crafts


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Using eZecom v3, our inhouse e-commerce system, the new castlehillcrafts.co.uk site is a shining example of our work. The design is fresh and inviting, the site works very quickly despite the amount of information available, it has a host of features that the customers can use, and even more options for the site admins.

Purpleroom Crafts


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Purpleroom chose pogdesign to develop their new site and are blown away with the results. An amazing design that truely captures the feeling of the craft trade, combined with the ease of eZecom mean their new site should bring them much more success.

Falcon Leisure Pool


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Purpleroom Crafts are another long term client of PoGDesign, using eZecom for more than 2 years...

Golden Generation is an online novel from Stephen Morris and Ralf Little...

Fragrance Stop now have a stylish website that sells their company perfectly...

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