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Why is good design important on a website ?

An attractive design can gain you more customers, and help retain them

Styles of website, just like clothing fashions, change over time. While it's true that functionality is the key to any website, an uptodate design thats fresh and inkeeping with your target audience is more likely to get you noticed first. An attractive design can sometimes be the deciding factor in where someone chooses to go on the internet. Whether you need subtle shades, or full "in your face" colours, pogdesign always keeps up with the latest styles, so we can give you the best design for your site.

What makes a website stylish ?

To follow an old saying: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A stylish site can have lots of colour, or very little. There is no quantifiable medium for discerning how stylish a site is until it is finished. This is where we come in. You can trust PoGDesign to have its finger on the latest fashion aspects of site design. We aren't just developers and coders, living in basements and never seeing the outside world. We are artists also, and we gain our inspiration from the way we see the web evolving. Our style is clean, clear and precise. We bring life to the sites we make.

Is design more important than functionality ?

Honestly: We don't know

We've never had to answer this question. Due to the way our systems work, and how our team is able to develop sites, we offer more functionality than most other companies, while making design one of the most important aspects of the job. A quick look through our portfolio should show that our design is second to none, and that the functionality of our sites cannot be surpassed.

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pogdesign is based in Manchester UK; web site design is our passion. We specialise in building a content management system or an ecommerce solution that helps your business to grow.

pogdesign is a web site design company with one goal - to make the internet a nicer place to be. The company employs a team of skilled individuals who bring a clean, functional approach to web design, e-commerce and print design.

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