Attack on Titan
Season 4

s04e01 / The Warriors of Marley

7th Dec '20 - 10:00pm
The Warriors of Marley

The truth revealed through the memories of Grisha's journals shakes all of Eren's deepest beliefs. There is no rugged but free land beyond the walls. There is a whole other world, equally full of oppression and war. Suddenly, the ambitions that have animated the Survey Corps for generations seem small and naive. What is there left to fight for?

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s04e02 / Midnight Train

14th Dec '20 - 10:00pm
Midnight Train

Reiner returns to Liberio after a long time and meets his family and loved ones.

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s04e03 / The Door of Hope

21st Dec '20 - 10:00pm
The Door of Hope

Reiner reflects on his past, remembering what pushed him to become a Warrior and keep moving forward when all hope was lost.

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s04e04 / From One Hand to Another

28th Dec '20 - 10:00pm
From One Hand to Another

A sudden visit from the Tybur family shakes up the Marleyan military. Meanwhile, Falco smuggles letters for a friend and helps two old comrades reunite.

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s04e05 / Declaration of War

11th Jan '21 - 10:00pm
Declaration of War

Reiner, who was taken by Falco and set foot in the basement of a certain building. Reiner is stunned to see the face of the person waiting for him. Meanwhile, a speech by Willy Tyber, who has attracted worldwide attention, was about to begin.

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s04e06 / The War Hammer Titan

18th Jan '21 - 10:00pm
The War Hammer Titan

Coming Soon...

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s04e07 / Assault

25th Jan '21 - 10:00pm

s04e08 / Assassin's Bullet

1st Feb '21 - 10:00pm

s04e09 / Season 4, Episode 9

8th Feb '21 - 10:00pm

s04e10 / Season 4, Episode 10

15th Feb '21 - 10:00pm

s04e11 / Season 4, Episode 11

22nd Feb '21 - 10:00pm

s04e12 / Season 4, Episode 12

1st Mar '21 - 10:00pm

s04e13 / Season 4, Episode 13

8th Mar '21 - 10:00pm

s04e14 / Season 4, Episode 14

15th Mar '21 - 10:00pm

s04e15 / Season 4, Episode 15

22nd Mar '21 - 10:00pm

s04e16 / Season 4, Episode 16

29th Mar '21 - 10:00pm
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