Season 3

s03e01 / Series 3, Episode 1

6th Oct '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 1

Vinnie finally gets released from prison and with the newly promoted Detective Carl Slater watching his every move, he is doing his best to lie low.

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s03e02 / Series 3, Episode 2

13th Oct '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 2

Vinnie's friend Gideon calls to say his mother has passed away, and asks Vin to help him honour her final wishes with a dignified farewell.

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s03e03 / Series 3, Episode 3

20th Oct '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 3

Vinnie is called to be the bag drop man when Ashley's cousin is kidnapped for ransom. But when the boys lose the money, a backup plan is needed - quickly.

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s03e04 / Series 3, Episode 4

27th Oct '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 4

Mr and Mrs Bishop are back and the gang are again caught up in their bitter divorce battle, as Mr Bishop asks Vinnie to nick his prized classic cars.

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s03e05 / Series 3, Episode 5

3rd Nov '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 5

When Ashley decides that he wants to track down his real father, Vinnie and the gang promise to do everything they can to help find him.

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s03e06 / Series 3, Episode 6

10th Nov '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 6

Erin reluctantly convinces Farmer Jim to house her repentant brother when he arrives in town, but it's not long until he's causing havoc.

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s03e07 / Series 3, Episode 7

17th Nov '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 7

The gang are in a buzz when Vinnie is tasked by Chinese Dan to steal some beehives. Erin presents a repayment plan to McCann.

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s03e08 / Series 3, Episode 8

24th Nov '21 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 8

Driven mad with worry, Erin has told Vinnie about the money she owes McCann. But when McCann's men kidnap Tyler as a warning, Vinnie is so furious that he kidnaps McCann's twins in retaliation and the situation worsens.

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