Season 10

s10e01 / There Will Be Changes

2nd Oct '16 - 11:00pm
There Will Be Changes

As Amy and Ty prepare for parenthood, they work together to resolve a dangerous pregnancy issue.

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s10e02 / You Just Know

9th Oct '16 - 11:00pm
You Just Know

Ty performs life-saving surgery on a mare, while Amy and the family work around-the-clock to bottle feed the mare's twin foals.

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s10e03 / New Kid in Town

16th Oct '16 - 11:00pm
New Kid in Town

Tim is caught in the middle of Jade's showdown with a new hotshot bronc rider.

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s10e04 / New Horizons

23rd Oct '16 - 11:00pm
New Horizons

The Heartland family must deal with Amy and Ty's decision about their future.

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s10e05 / Something to Prove

30th Oct '16 - 11:00pm
Something to Prove

A team building event turns competitive and Georgie is partnered with Jade's rival.

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s10e06 / The Green-Eyed Monster

7th Nov '16 - 12:00am
The Green-Eyed Monster

While helping a mounted archer, Amy reveals the mystery behind Spartan's behavior.

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s10e07 / Riding Shotgun

14th Nov '16 - 12:00am
Riding Shotgun

When Lou is given a horse, Amy helps her sister nurture a connection with the animal while Lou wrestles with the implications of the unexpected gift.

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s10e08 / Here and Now

21st Nov '16 - 12:00am
Here and Now

Fearing the worst, Jack is shocked to learn the reason for an old friend's unexpected visit to Heartland. Meanwhile, Amy intervenes when the new coach pits Georgie & her teammates against each other.

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s10e09 / A Horse With No Rider

5th Dec '16 - 12:00am
A Horse With No Rider

An out-of-town horse clinic takes a dangerous turn for Amy, Tim, and Georgie.

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s10e10 / Together and Apart

16th Jan '17 - 12:00am
Together and Apart

While Amy deals with a panicked horse trapped in a trailer, Georgie heads off on a desperate search for Tim.

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s10e11 / Change of Course

23rd Jan '17 - 12:00am
Change of Course

When Georgie unexpectedly struggles with a new challenge, Amy steps in to help her unearth the cause. Then, Amy's worst fears are realized when an eager Tim attends a pregnancy clinic with her. Meanwhile, Jack deals with an upset Katie when Lou's delayed return to Heartland forces him to navigate "back-to-school" prep. Feeling caught in the middle, Amy grapples with keeping a secret when Cass is convinced that Caleb is cheating on her. And Jade is surprised to see a new side of Clay when he stands up for his Aunt Casey.

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s10e12 / Sound of Silence

6th Feb '17 - 12:00am
Sound of Silence

Tragedy strikes, and Amy and Georgie work together to help Tim's traumatized barrel racing horse. Meanwhile, Jack helps Tim, Casey, and the entire rodeo community pull through a devastating loss. And Jade gets her permit to compete in the pros but quickly gets pulled into the party lifestyle of that world.

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s10e13 / Home Sweet Home

13th Feb '17 - 12:00am
Home Sweet Home

When an unexpected guest arrives at Heartland, Amy and Jack question the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. Then, a confession by Adam leads Georgie to make a difficult decision. And Jack is caught in the middle when Lou and Lisa both buy the same gift for Amy's baby shower.

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s10e14 / Written in the Stars

20th Feb '17 - 12:00am
Written in the Stars

Jake's unexpected arrival at Heartland forces Mallory to admit to Amy and Jack the real reason she came back to Heartland. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to move on after her break up with Adam by throwing herself into helping Amy with an underperforming cutting horse which Scott brings to Heartland. And Lou and Mitch struggle to find the right time to tell the family about their relationship.

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s10e15 / Forest for the Trees

6th Mar '17 - 12:00am
Forest for the Trees

Amy struggles with the feeling that something is not right with Ty while she and Jack strive to help Ghost, the wild Appaloosa horse which has been closely linked with Ty in the past. Meanwhile, Georgie goes on a fun date with Clay's cousin, Wyatt, which interestingly leads her to a realization about Adam. Also, a concerned Tim steps up when Jade's plans fall through. And Kaitlyn Leeb is back, putting her veterinarian (and shooting) skills to good use.

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s10e16 / A Long Shot

12th Mar '17 - 11:00pm
A Long Shot

A secret from Jack's past threatens to change his relationship with the family forever. Meanwhile, Amy tries to uncover the connection between her new client and the unusually secretive Jack Bartlett. An incident spooks the Heartland horses, causing Phoenix to bolt, and while searching for her horse, Georgie comes clean about her true feelings for Adam. And as for Ty, he grows increasingly ill as he attempts to get back to Amy.

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s10e17 / Dreamer

19th Mar '17 - 11:00pm

Amy and the family pull together as the gravely ill Ty returns home and is admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Georgie discovers that Adam and Olivia are dating and must overcome her jealousy in order to help Olivia save Budget Buster's life. With Lou's franchise deal on the verge of collapse, she considers involving a controversial investor.

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s10e18 / Greater Expectations

26th Mar '17 - 11:00pm
Greater Expectations

Amy, Ty and the entire Heartland family are thrilled to welcome a new member into the fold.

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