The Chrysler Building Summary

Little Neil announces he has to make a scale model of a building of world significance as part of his homework. Neil tries to assist, but is easily distracted and while he is away at the pencil museum, Robert helps the youngster construct the Chrysler building. Distraught by this turn of events, Neil then tries to play catch-up, proposing they build a facsimile of the Empire State building. Meanwhile, Garth breaks into one of the lodges in an effort to ingratiate himself with Petra.

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Home From Home Show Summary

The Hacketts, after saving for years to be able to afford a lodge holiday home in the Lake District, find that other second home owners are not quite on the same level as them. Their most immediate neighbours, the Dillons, have the most upmarket lodge on the site, having downgraded from their villa in Ibiza. A class-war emerges between the Dillons and the Hacketts, particularly between Penny and Neil: she describes the family as "The Stoke Massive". Robert and Fiona, on the other hand, get on well and the Hackett's eldest son is clearly in love with the Dillons' adopted daughter, Petra.

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