IT Crowd
Season 1

s01e01 / Yesterday's Jam

3rd Feb '06 - 9:30pm
Yesterday's Jam

It's Jen's first day at Reynholm Industries and she is assigned the position of manager of the IT department. Roy and Moss quickly find out that she has absolutely no knowledge of computers whatsoever.

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s01e02 / Calamity Jen

3rd Feb '06 - 9:30pm
Calamity Jen

Denholm tries to reduce stress in the work place and invites a stress expert to give the employees a class about dealing with stress.
Meanwhile, Jen buys new shoes that are a few sizes too small, which leads to a very painful result.

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s01e03 / Fifty-Fifty

10th Feb '06 - 9:30pm

Love is in the air with the IT Crowd! Roy has a wonderful date, only to learn that he had something nasty on his forehead the whole time. Jen fancies the security guard and tries to impress him by guessing the answers to questions on classical music. Roy's decides that women only like bastards. Jen disagrees, so to settle the argument, Roy puts a fake profile up on an online dating site. Roy and Moss create a horrible online profile, only it works a little too well.

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s01e04 / The Red Door

17th Feb '06 - 9:30pm
The Red Door

Moss learns that his new mug with his name on it has gone missing. Roy refuses to allow Jen to see what's behind the "red door" for fear that Jen will upset the delicate eco-balance of the office. But Roy and Moss go on an IT call, leaving the Red Door unguarded.

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s01e05 / The Haunting of Bill Crouse

24th Feb '06 - 9:30pm
The Haunting of Bill Crouse

Jen has a date with Bill Crouse, and finds him really offensive. To help Jen avoid contact with Bill, Moss resorts to extreme lying which leads everyone to believe that Jen is dead! Meanwhile, Roy finds himself trying to escape the attentions of one of the "beautiful people" on the 5th floor.

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s01e06 / Aunt Irma Visits

3rd Mar '06 - 9:30pm
Aunt Irma Visits

Jen explains to Roy and Moss that her "Aunt Irma" is visiting. When they don't understand, she explains that she has very powerful mood swings around a certain time every month, which leads to Roy and Moss displaying the same symptoms. Project Iccarus is finished and all of the teams assemble before Denholm as he thanks everyone even remotely associated with the project - except for the IT Crowd. To retaliate in being left out of the the "thank you's", the IT Crowd decide to sabotage the celebration party only to find themselves enjoying in the festivities and to the bizarre conclusion the morning after. Will everyone be able to work together again?.

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