Stuck In Amber Summary

Jason dodges a process server; when Harry's boss chastises him, he quits his job; and Sherman wears a disguise to avoid hostile fellow shoppers at a supermarket.

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In Case of Emergency Show Summary

It's the line on any medical form or job application that most of us take for granted: Who should we contact in case of emergency? We don't even think twice about it as we fill in the name of our spouse, our parents, our sibling, our best friend. But what if you had no one? What if you looked at that question and struggled to come up with one single person that you could contact if there was a real emergency?

Today is a turning point for three high school buddies who find themselves in places they never would have expected, and learn that in one day they can start with no one to count on, but can finish being able to count on each other.

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