New TV Shows Starting
November 2023

Black Cake

Starts 1st Nov 10:00pm On Hulu
In the late 1960s, a runaway bride named Covey disappears into the surf off the coast of Jamaica and is feared drowned or a fugitive on the run for her husband's murder. Fifty years later in California, Eleanor Bennett, a widow in her 60s, loses her battle with cancer... Selected by 755 Users


Starts 2nd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
With a demonic, soul-consuming weapon in hand, can a legendary swordsman and a samurai brotherhood defeat a bloodthirsty zombie... Selected by 0 Users

All the Light We Cannot See

Starts 2nd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
In this epic limited series based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller, a blind French girl and a young German soldier's paths collide during... Selected by 0 Users

Blue Eye Samurai

Starts 3rd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
A mixed-race master of the sword named Erskine lives a life in disguise while seeking revenge in Edo-period... Selected by 1851 Users

Ferry: The Series

Starts 3rd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Ferry Bouman tries as a novice xtc-producer to get a foothold in the Brabant underworld. With John, brother-in-law Lars, Remco, and Dennis, he fights the immovable drug lord Arie Tack and a notorious motorcycle club to win his place at the top. But only when his lover... Selected by 480 Users

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Starts 3rd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Determined to provide a ray of light for those under her care, a young nurse navigates the world of mental health and the diverse stories surrounding... Selected by 0 Users

Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Starts 5th Nov 11:00pm On Paramount+
The legendary lawman Bass Reeves, one of the greatest frontier heroes and one of the first Black deputy U.S. marshals west of the Mississippi River in American history. Reeves worked in the post-Reconstruction era as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory... Selected by 0 Users

The Buccaneers

Starts 8th Nov 10:00pm On Apple TV+
Girls with money, men with power. New money, old secrets. A group of fun-loving young American girls explode into the tightly corseted London season of the 1870s, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash as the land of the stiff upper lip is infiltrated by a refreshing... Selected by 1446 Users


Starts 8th Nov 11:00pm On Disney+
After witnessing his mother's brutal murder as a child, a young man sets on a path of taking justice into his own hands and finds himself assuming the role of a vigilante, correcting the wrongs of repeat... Selected by 0 Users


Starts 8th Nov 11:59pm On Disney+
Joe Petrus is living the American dream: a fiancé to Jules, dad to Frankie and Bud, and starting his own business in a sleepy suburban town. But unbeknownst to his family, Joe has a secret. Three years ago, he was recruited by notorious British criminal Dianne Harewood to... Selected by 0 Users

NCIS: Sydney

Starts 10th Nov 8:00pm On Paramount+
The eclectic team of U.S. NCIS Agents and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are grafted into a multi-national taskforce to keep naval crimes in check in the most contested patch of ocean on the... Selected by 2924 Users

007: Road to a Million

Starts 10th Nov 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video
Filmed at historical Bond locations, features contestants competing in tests of intelligence and endurance to win a andpound;1 million cash... Selected by 731 Users

Beacon 23

Starts 12th Nov 9:00pm On MGM+
In the farthest reaches of the Milky Way, the destinies of Aster Calyx, a mysterious a government agent, and Halan Kai Nelson, a resolute ex-military man, become inextricably linked when they find themselves unexpectedly trapped together inside one of the many Beacons... Selected by 5335 Users

The Curse (US)

Starts 12th Nov 10:00pm On Showtime
Newly married couple Whitney and Asher are convinced they're helping to build communities - and save lives - by developing eco-friendly homes for 'Fliplanthropy', their socially conscious new reality show. But behind every on-camera renovation lies a path of off-camera... Selected by 1555 Users

Grime Kids

Starts 13th Nov 11:59pm On BBC Three
Tired of being nobodies, five friends start their own UK garage crew with dreams of pirate radio and local fame. Friendship, love, loss, and a lot of growing up soon... Selected by 178 Users

A Murder at the End of the World

Starts 14th Nov 11:00pm On FX
This mystery series follows a Gen Z amateur sleuth named Darby Hart who, along with 11 other guests, is invited by a reclusive billionaire to participate in a retreat at a remote and dazzling location. When one of the other guests is found dead, Darby must fight to prove it... Selected by 0 Users


Starts 14th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Rome, 2011. The government is in danger of falling, the Vatican is in crisis and the squares of the city are literally set on fire. In the middle world Cinaglia has tried to take up the legacy of Samurai and, together with Badali, continues to manage the criminal affairs of... Selected by 805 Users

The German House

Starts 15th Nov 9:00am On Disney+
The series is set in Frankfurt, in 1963 and tells the story of a young Eva Bruhns, an interpreter of the Polish language, who lives with her parents, who run the 'Deutsches Haus' restaurant. Everyone expects Eva's impending engagement to the wealthy mail-order heir Jurgen... Selected by 0 Users

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story

Starts 15th Nov 11:59pm On Disney+
2009, in the most expensive and technologically advanced racing series on earth, the impossible happened. An understaffed, underfinanced independent team won the world championship. A Formula One fairy tale, the series tells the extraordinary story of how Brawn GP pulled... Selected by 770 Users

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Starts 17th Nov 11:00pm On Apple TV+
Following the epic battle between Godzilla and the MUTOs that levelled San Francisco and the shocking revelation that monsters are real, two siblings, following in their father's footsteps, uncover their family's connection to the secretive organization known as Monarch.... Selected by 8000 Users

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Starts 17th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, but learns he must defeat her seven evil exes in order to date her. Then things get even more... Selected by 0 Users

The Railway Men

Starts 18th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
A toxic gas escaped from an American pesticide plant in the central Indian city of Bhopal killed thousands of people. The protagonists of "The Railway Men" are workers at the Bhopal railway station who saved thousands of... Selected by 0 Users

Boat Story

Starts 19th Nov 11:59pm On BBC One
When two hard-up strangers, Janet and Samuel, stumble across a haul of cocaine on a shipwrecked boat, they can't believe their luck. After agreeing to sell it and split the cash, they quickly find themselves entangled with police, masked hitmen, and a sharp-suited gangster... Selected by 0 Users

Squid Game: The Challenge

Starts 22nd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Four hundred and fifty-six players compete to win $4.56 million, the largest single cash prize in reality television and game show history breaking a previous record of $2,600,000 won by Andrew Kravis by winning The Million Second Quiz. Through a series of games, each... Selected by 2221 Users


Starts 23rd Nov 11:59pm On ITVX
A four-part drama depicting the life of Hollywood's greatest leading man, Cary Grant, who touched the world with his charm, his grace and enduring vivacity. The series narrates the story of a young Archibald Alexander Leach's troubled childhood and how extreme poverty, his... Selected by 0 Users

A Nearly Normal Family

Starts 24th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
The Sandell family is a normal family consisting of the priest Adam, the lawyer Ulrika and their 19-year-old daughter Stella. They live a seemingly perfect life in a polished residential suburb outside of Lund. One day, everything changes when Stella ends up in custody... Selected by 0 Users

Faraway Downs

Starts 26th Nov 11:59pm On Hulu
English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley travels halfway across the world to confront her wayward husband and sell an unusual asset: a million-acre cattle ranch in the Australian Outback called Faraway Downs. Following the death of her husband, a ruthless Australian cattle... Selected by 1472 Users

The Couple Next Door

Starts 27th Nov 9:00pm On Channel 4
Evie and Pete move into an upscale neighbourhood and find themselves in a world of curtain twitching and status anxiety. They find friendship in the shape of the couple next door, alpha traffic cop Danny and his wife, glamorous yoga instructor Becka, but after Danny and... Selected by 0 Users

The Doll Factory

Starts 27th Nov 11:00pm On Paramount+
Set in London in 1850, The Doll Factory tells the story of Iris, who paints dolls for a living alongside her twin sister, Rose, and dreams of becoming an artist and by night secretly paints herself naked. Silas is a taxidermist who owns a shop filled with his creations. He... Selected by 0 Users

The Artful Dodger

Starts 29th Nov 8:00pm On Disney+
In Australia in the 1850s, Jack Dawkins works as a seemingly respectable surgeon. However, when an old acquaintance resurfaces, his penchant for a life of crime from his time as a London-based pickpocket called Artful Dodger, also... Selected by 2484 Users


Starts 30th Nov 11:00pm On HBO Max
A veteran bookie struggles to survive the impending legalization of sports gambling, increasingly unstable clients, family, co-workers, and a lifestyle that bounces him around every corner of Los Angeles, high and... Selected by 1389 Users


Starts 30th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
An elite special forces team thwarts a deadly threat to Las Vegas. After their celebratory party, filled with booze, drugs and sex, the team discovers that the bomb they deactivated was a fake. The now intoxicated team has to fight through their impairments, overcome their... Selected by 0 Users

Returning TV Shows in November 2023


Returns 1st Nov 9:00pm On BBC One
When a young archaeologist discovers a set of human remains, the Shetland community is intrigued to know if it's an ancient find or a contemporary mystery. And when an elderly woman is shot on her land in a tragic accident, Perez and his team find themselves at the centre... Selected by 2432 Users

Ink Master

Returns 1st Nov 8:00pm On SPIKE
Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of "INK MASTER". The stakes couldn't... Selected by 1999 Users


Returns 3rd Nov 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video
Mark Grayson is a normal teenager, except for the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Mark begins to develop powers of his own and enters into his father's tutelage...... Selected by 7790 Users

The Tailor

Returns 3rd Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
Peyami Dokumaci is a young and famous tailor who inherited talent and a successful business from his grandfather. With the death of his grandfather, Peyami brings his father Mustafa who is his biggest secret and has a child-like intelligence to the core of his life in... Selected by 0 Users

The Voice (UK)

Returns 4th Nov 7:10pm On BBC One
Hosted by Emma Willis and Marvin Humes, the show features four musician coaches:, Boy George, Paloma Faith and Ricky Wilson, who will coach only the most talented vocalists. The show's innovative format features three stages of competition: the first begins with... Selected by 1683 Users

The Curse of Oak Island

Returns 7th Nov 9:00pm On History
In 1795, three teenage boys discovered a strange, man-made hole on Oak Island, a small, wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. As the boys began to dig, they found a number of intriguing artifacts. It was the end of the piracy era and rumors of buried... Selected by 995 Users

Guy's Grocery Games

Returns 8th Nov 9:00pm On Food Network
Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock" or having to... Selected by 77 Users

The Santa Clauses

Returns 8th Nov 11:00pm On Disney+
On the brink of his 65th birthday, Scott Calvin realizes he can't be Santa forever. He's starting to lose a step in his Santa duties, and more importantly, he's got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, especially his two kids who have grown up at the... Selected by 1535 Users


Returns 9th Nov 9:45pm On Channel 4
British sitcom adapted from the Israeli sitcom Little Mom. It follows the ups and downs of life, friendship and family for three women living in Hull - self-described actress Toni, her sister Paula and best friend... Selected by 378 Users

Rap Sh!t

Returns 9th Nov 11:00pm On HBO Max
Two estranged high school friends from outside Miami reunite to form an all-female rap group, hoping to make it in the music industry.... Selected by 371 Users

The Last Leg

Returns 10th Nov 10:00pm On Channel 4
After winning plaudits and critical acclaim for their show during the Paralympic Games, comedian Adam Hills and regular panellists Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker return to provide a comic review of the significant moments of the past seven days. There will also be live... Selected by 871 Users

For All Mankind

Returns 10th Nov 11:59pm On Apple TV+
In an alternate timeline, a Soviet cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov, becomes the first human to land on the Moon. This outcome devastates morale at NASA, but also catalyzes an American effort to catch up. With the Soviet Union emphasizing diversity by including a woman in... Selected by 9877 Users

The Lazarus Project

Returns 15th Nov 9:00pm On Sky Max
When George wakes up one day and finds himself reliving a day from months ago, he thinks he's lost his mind. All of his recent milestones have been undone, including his success at work and his marriage to the love of his life. Worst of all, he seems to be the only one who... Selected by 4173 Users


Returns 16th Nov 10:00pm On HBO Max
Through Julia Child's life and her singular joie de vivre, the series explores a pivotal time in American history - the emergence of public television as a new social institution, feminism and the women's movement, the nature of celebrity and America's cultural evolution.... Selected by 0 Users

The Crown

Returns 16th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
The Crown traces the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 through to the present day. The first season portrays the Queen in the early part of her reign, depicts events up to 1955, with Winston Churchill resigning as Prime Minister and the Queen's sister... Selected by 0 Users

Holy Family

Returns 17th Nov 11:59pm On Netflix
A family hiding a shocking secret starts over in Madrid, where new relationships complicate their plans and the past begins to catch up with... Selected by 0 Users


Returns 21st Nov 9:00pm On FX
Season 3: Emmit Stussy, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, is a handsome, self-made, real estate mogul and family man - an American success story. His slightly younger brother, Ray Stussy, on the other hand is more of a cautionary tale. Balding, pot-bellied, Ray is the kind... Selected by 33233 Users

Hard Knocks

Returns 21st Nov 10:00pm On HBO
Hard Knocks on HBO presents viewers with an inside look at NFL training camps. From the top coaches to the rookies trying to make the team, Hard Knocks will showcase what it takes to be in the... Selected by 1920 Users

Two Doors Down

Returns 24th Nov 10:00pm On BBC Two
Comedy centred around a couple and their insufferable... Selected by 639 Users

Slow Horses

Returns 29th Nov 11:00pm On Apple TV+
After a botched and publicly embarrassing training mission, British MI5 agent River Cartwright is exiled to Slough House, an administrative purgatory for service rejects. Known as slow horses, Cartwright and his fellow employees must endure dull, paper pushing tasks and... Selected by 6593 Users
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