The Buccaneers
Season 1

s01e01 / American Poison

9th Nov '23 - 3:00am
American Poison Summary

A group of young American heiresses are changed forever when they're whisked across the Atlantic to London.

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s01e02 / Women or Wives

9th Nov '23 - 4:00am
Women or Wives Summary

Conchita hosts a raucous country house party. Jinny and Lizzy go head-to-head for the same man. Nan reveals a secret.

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s01e03 / The Perfect Duchess

9th Nov '23 - 4:59am
The Perfect Duchess Summary

At the exclusive Tintagel ball, Nan considers the prospect of becoming a duchess. Conchita struggles with her mother-in-law's approval.

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s01e04 / Homecoming

16th Nov '23 - 4:59am
Homecoming Summary

The girls return to New York for a grand celebration. Nan seeks answers from her family. James begins to manipulate Jinny.

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s01e05 / Failed Betrayal

23rd Nov '23 - 4:59am
Failed Betrayal Summary

Things unravel during a weekend at Guy's family home, as Nan finds herself feeling torn. Mabel and Honoria get closer.

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s01e06 / It's Christmas

30th Nov '23 - 4:59am
It's Christmas Summary

The gang head to Scotland for a Christmas getaway. Lizzy makes a confession. James' behavior escalates. Nan faces a hard choice.

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s01e07 / First Footing

7th Dec '23 - 4:59am
First Footing Summary

The Brightlingseas host a New Year's Eve party where the bombshell news is the hot topic. Tensions flare as Theo and Guy's rivalry explodes.

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s01e08 / Wedding of the Season

14th Dec '23 - 4:59am
Wedding of the Season Summary

Nan must figure out her path forward. Jinny feels trapped. Mrs. St. George reckons with the state of her family.

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