The Railway Men
Season 1

s01e01 / Episode 1

19th Nov '23 - 4:59am
Episode 1 Summary

In the hours leading to the disaster, the Union Carbide higher-ups downplay safety concerns at the factory while unwitting souls hang in the balance.

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s01e02 / Episode 2

20th Nov '23 - 4:59am
Episode 2 Summary

As the gas descends on the city, passengers at Bhopal Junction break into a frenzy for their lives - and a brave station master springs into action.

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s01e03 / Episode 3

21st Nov '23 - 4:59am
Episode 3 Summary

The gas holds the Bhopal passengers hostage while railway workers scramble to figure out a plan. Meanwhile, a visitor to India may have an antidote.

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s01e04 / Episode 4

22nd Nov '23 - 4:59am
Episode 4 Summary

As new threats rocket towards Bhopal Junction, the railway men face unthinkable dilemmas. Can they act quickly enough to save others - and themselves?

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