Salvation Summary

Noah and Evelyn continue to navigate through their second lifetime, but when Cain uncovers their location, they are forced into their third lifetime, a dystopian wasteland.

We Were Tomorrow Season 1 Episodes...

We Were Tomorrow Show Summary

When a meteor collides with the moon, half of Earth becomes locked in eternal sunlight and the other half is plunged into infinite darkness. Seven immortal Alchemists attempt to salvage mankind by relocating a group of people to a parallel version of Earth; amongst them are Cain Foster and Jonathan Reeves.

The Alchemists bestow those chosen and their descendants with three lifetimes to rebuild humanity, but rebellion swiftly divides the group and after several centuries of war, the Alchemists select several young people, including twin siblings, Noah and Evelyn Reeves, to return to Earth a year before the meteor hit.

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