TV Episode Summaries for
13th December 2019

Superstore Season 5, Episode 10


Airs: 1:00am - 1:30am on NBC

Jonah and Sandra represent the Cloud 9 employees at union contract negotiations with corporate. Worried about the union's fate, Amy, Dina and Cheyenne distract themselves by looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Mateo, Garrett and Glenn compete to see who can sell an unsellable item.

Young Sheldon Season 3, Episode 10

Teenager Soup and a Little Ball of Fib

Airs: 1:00am - 1:30am on CBS

Sheldon fakes being sick to avoid a swim test at school. Also, Dr. Sturgis spies on Meemaw's new boyfriend.

Servant Season 1, Episode 5


Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on Apple TV+

Coming Soon...

Supernatural Season 15, Episode 8

Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on The CW

Sam, Dean and Castiel's continued search for a way to defeat Chuck leads them to unexpected places and toward unlikely allies.

Project Runway Season 18, Episode 2

Season 18, Episode 2

Airs: 1:00am - 2:30am on Lifetime

Coming Soon...

The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 10

Anna and the Unicorn

Airs: 1:30am - 2:00am on CBS

Wade is giddy, his daughters are amused and his friends are excited when he has his first crush since becoming single again. Also, Grace and Natalie take advantage of their dad going on dates by having friends over and it starts to get out of hand.

Perfect Harmony Season 1, Episode 10

Merry Jaxmas

Airs: 1:30am - 2:00am on NBC

When Reverend Jax is visited by his charismatic parents, Arthur helps him overcome his lifelong feelings of living in their shadow, and encourages him to embrace his way of ministering in time for their Christmas performance. Meanwhile, Ginny and Wayne decide to have a secret fling.

Mom Season 7, Episode 10

Higgledy-Piggledy and a Cat Show

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on CBS

Bonnie is forced to relive painful Christmas memories when Christy recounts tales from her childhood to Bonnie's sponsee, Patty.

Legacies Season 2, Episode 8

This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on The CW

Hope joins forces with an unlikely ally to take down a Christmas monster, who's using holiday cheer to infiltrate the Salvatore School. Elsewhere, Landon surprises Rafael with news about his family lineage, and Sebastian accompanies Lizzie on her latest mission.

Carol's Second Act Season 1, Episode 10

Merry December 19th

Airs: 2:30am - 3:00am on CBS

Carol excitedly plans an early Christmas celebration for Jenny, but Jenny's preoccupied with her secret first date with Daniel. Also, the doctors investigate a case of food poisoning at an office holiday party.

Tell Me a Story Season 2, Episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on CBS All Access

Coming Soon...

Evil Season 1, Episode 10

7 Swans a Singin'

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on CBS

Kristen, David and Ben are called to investigate an insidiously addictive Christmas song that's spreading among an increasing number of students, and the dangerous relationship between online influencers and their impressionable young followers.

Fuller House Season 5, Episode 8

Moms' Night Out

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Netflix

Coming Soon...

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3, Episode 7

Marvelous Radio

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Amazon Prime Video

Coming Soon...

Reprisal Season 1, Episode 7

25 or 6 to 4

Airs: 4:59am - 5:49am on Hulu

A shaken Meredith reconnects with her father. Doris and the Monster Ring attend a Bang-a-Rang. Queenie and the Pin-ups defend their family.

V Wars Season 1, Episode 8

Season 1, Episode 8

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

Coming Soon...

Harley Quinn Season 1, Episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3

Airs: 9:00am - 9:30am on DC Universe

Coming Soon...

Have I Got News for You Season 58, Episode 9

Alexander Armstrong, Jon Richardson

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on BBC One

Team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by guest host Alexander Armstrong and panellists including Jon Richardson.

The Graham Norton Show Season 26, Episode 11

Graham is joined by Oscar winners Dame Judi Dench and Jennifer Hudson, who talk about the new film version of Cats. Hollywood stars Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey discuss their new action thriller The Gentlemen. And everyone's favourite crooner Michael Buble drops in for a chat. Plus music guests Coldplay, with an exclusive performance from their new album Everyday Life.
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