TV Episode Summaries for
15th January 2020

The Resident Season 3, Episode 12

Best Laid Plans

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on FOX

While working at their non-profit clinic, Nic and Mina treat a patient with a failing heart VAD, forcing them to find a new battery in time to save her life. Conrad gets a call from a previous patent in crisis after being sued by Red Rock for medical expenses he can't afford. Devon's VIP patient returns to the ER and Cain tries to get close to Bell's business partner from the supplement company.

NCIS Season 17, Episode 12

Flight Plan

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on CBS

The NCIS team investigates an F-18 crash and the subsequent disappearance of the pilot who operated the aircraft. Also, McGee reluctantly discusses a very personal decision with his teammates.

Hudson & Rex Season 2, Episode 11

Dead On Arrival

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on City

An automotive engineer is found dead in the self-driving SUV she has been designing and building.

Arrow Season 8, Episode 8

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part 4 of 5

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on The CW

Stuck in the Vanishing Point, the Paragons search for a way to escape. The futility of the situation is compounded by The Flash's disappearance. However, hope appears in the form of Oliver, who reveals that he has become something else. Meanwhile, the origin stories for The Monitor and Anti-Monitor are revealed.

Schitt's Creek Season 6, Episode 2

The Incident

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on CBC

David is embarrassed by a childhood issue that resurfaces, while Johnny, Stevie, and Roland attend a viewing for a motel nearby.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 1

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part 5 of 5

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on The CW

Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.

This Is Us Season 4, Episode 10

Light and Shadows

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on NBC

Kevin searches for romance. Kate meets Toby's CrossFit friends. Randall travels to Los Angeles to be with Rebecca.

Kim's Convenience Season 4, Episode 2

Couch Surfing

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on CBC

While Appa is reluctant to have a houseguest, Umma is the one who ends up having problems with their visitor. Jung accuses Janet of being cold-hearted; Shannon tackles an office bullying problem.

FBI Season 2, Episode 12

Hard Decisions

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on CBS

A bank hold-up leads the team to a safe deposit box, the contents of which have the potential to destroy national security. Although Kristen is eager to get back into field work, other team members still have their concerns.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 9

An Eye for an Eye

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on History

New evidence suggests the swamp may be man-made on a scale the team never could have anticipated.

mixed-ish Season 1, Episode 12

It's Tricky

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on ABC

Rainbow wants to battle stereotypes at school after she joins the track team and feels like her friends only see her skin color. Meanwhile, Alicia and Paul battle stereotypes of their own, and Santamonica tries to be cool enough to hang out with Rainbow's friends.

Moonshiners Season 9, Episode 8

Toxic Work Environment

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on Discovery Channel

Tickle's carpentry skills shine as Virginia outlaws plan a risky modification to their still; Mark and Digger take a big swing on a small ingredient that can't pass the sniff test; Josh uncovers the worst way to foster a toxic work environment.

Black-ish Season 6, Episode 12

Boss Daddy

Airs: 2:30am - 3:00am on ABC

Dre's torn at the office between looking out for Junior as his dad or letting him make his own mistakes. Meanwhile, Jack loses a friendship after trying to look cool in front of the basketball team.

Ink Master Season 13, Episode 2

Clash of the Collages

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on SPIKE

The judges test the regional artist teams' fundamentals and reveal a game-changing turf war twist. The battle continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master.

New Amsterdam (2018) Season 2, Episode 10

Code Silver

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on NBC

With the hospital on lockdown after the Rikers patients escape, Sharpe and Max find themselves in a situation that could cost them their lives. Bloom must put aside her pain to help a patient. Iggy is forced to face his marriage's issues.

Emergence Season 1, Episode 11

Applied Sciences

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on ABC

Jo and Brooks assemble an unlikely team as they attempt to communicate with Piper. Meanwhile, Piper is intent on saving Benny from Helen's mysterious mission, and Alex receives a life-changing offer.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 1, Episode 2


Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on CBS

A single mother goes into a deadly rampage at a Public Defender's office, taking justice into her own hands after her son is given a harsh sentence for a petty crime. Jess worries how his daughter is handling life without her mother.

The Daily Show Season 25, Episode 46

January Democratic Debate Special

Airs: 4:00am - 4:30am on Comedy Central

Trevor analyzes the Democratic debate live, Jordan Klepper examines Iowa's role in the primaries, and former GOP strategist Rick Wilson discusses "Running Against the Devil".

Conan Season 10, Episode 2

Walton Goggins, Fahim Anwar

Airs: 4:00am - 5:00am on TBS

Coming Soon...

Lights Out with David Spade Season 1, Episode 77

Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick & Whitney Cummings

Airs: 4:30am - 5:00am on Comedy Central

Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick and Whitney Cummings join David Spade to talk about the latest in pop culture.

The Tonight Show [Fallon] Season 7, Episode 64

Tyler Perry, Yara Shahidi, Black Pumas

Airs: 4:35am - 5:35am on NBC

Filmmaker Tyler Perry; actress Yara Shahidi; Black Pumas perform.

The Late Show [Colbert] Season 5, Episode 71

Michael Bloomberg

Airs: 4:35am - 5:35am on CBS

Stephen welcomes democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg.

AJ and the Queen Season 1, Episode 5

Mt. Juliet

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

As the tour heads to Nashville, a peculiar pit stop catches Robert's eye, and AJ makes a crafty plan for extra cash.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 5

Deuce to Nines, Double Draw

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

A new threat takes Owen and Lola to Latvia in search of a man named Nikolai. Back in LA, Dr. Cat's talent show demands more skill than she realized.

The Healing Powers of Dude Season 1, Episode 2

Getting to Know You

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Netflix

Amara and Simon help a panicked Noah prepare for a class presentation. Meanwhile, Karen encourages Marvin to start sculpting again.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 1, Episode 1

Burrow Girl

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Netflix

Swept from her safe burrow, Kipo emerges in a wild surface world full of weird mutant animals. Will her new friends Wolf and Mandu help her get home?

The Late Late Show [Corden] Season 5, Episode 58

Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, SHAED

Airs: 5:35am - 6:35am on CBS

James welcomes actor Steve Buscemi, actor Tim Roth, and a musical performance by SHAED.

Father Brown Season 8, Episode 8

The Curse of the Aesthetic

Airs: 2:15pm - 3:05pm on BBC one

Father Brown must discover who is out to kill a tortured artist before it's too late.

Hamilton Season 1, Episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on TV4

Coming Soon...

Silent Witness Season 23, Episode 4

Close to Home (2)

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on BBC One

Investigating the murder of a teenage boy, Nikki and her team are forced to question police methods. Although Thomas discovers evidence that throws the time of death into doubt, DCI Claire Ashby seems more concerned with building the case against her main suspect. With pressure building on the police to secure a conviction, the Lyell team must fight to ensure that inconvenient truths aren't overlooked. Meanwhile, Clarissa notes a troubling parallel with a case from the start of her career. Is the real murderer still out there?
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