Dead Still
Season 1

s01e01 / Photochemistry

18th May '20 - 11:00pm

When a series of murders threatens to sully Blennerhasset's reputation, a tenacious detective drags him into an investigation of Dublin's criminal underbelly.

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s01e02 / Development

18th May '20 - 11:59pm

Blennerhasset and his new assistant Molloy have been commissioned to travel out to Kingstown to photograph a young boy who recently drowned. However a heavy storm kicks up, forcing the men to stay overnight with their hosts, the mourning Breslin family.

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s01e03 / Daguerreotype

25th May '20 - 11:59pm

When Blennerhasset discovers that some of his camera equipment has gone missing, he and Nancy travel to an unsavory part of Dublin to track down Molloy, who has also disappeared. Meanwhile, Detective Regan follows up on a lead regarding the illicit photos circulating in Dublin's black market.

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s01e04 / Camera Obscura

1st Jun '20 - 11:59pm
Camera Obscura

When Nancy's grandmother dies, Molloy is introduced to Blennerhasset's difficult family during their memorial photography session. After a meeting with Henry's eccentric friends, Molloy brings Blennerhasset and Nancy to a séance to capture a photograph of a ghost.

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s01e05 / Snuff

8th Jun '20 - 11:59pm

After yet another dead body turns up, Regan tries to piece together the events of the séance and discovers Blennerhasset and his associates were in attendance. Blennerhasset and Molloy take a job out in the country, but when Molloy realizes the illicit photo album is in their possession, they rush back, worried that they could be suspects in a crime.

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s01e06 / Only Memories Remain

15th Jun '20 - 11:59pm
Only Memories Remain

Reeling from a hug, Blennerhasset sends Molloy and Nancy away, but the pair refuses to give up on him. When his life is threatened, Blennerhasset reveals he knows who created the album, but his silence has already put Nancy in danger.

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