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How to use this FAQ

This F.A.Q. is meant as a guideline to questions that we recieve e-mails about.
It is likely NOT a problem solving page.

Should I register an account?

YES! As an anonymous user your settings are stored in the server database, but if your user ID receives no activity for a period of 4 or more weeks, your settings are deleted to keep the database clean. Registering also allows you to login to The TV Calendar from multiple locations.
The details you provide when you register, an email address and a password, are used for nothing else but logins and password recovery. We will NEVER share your email address with a third party.
While you can use all of the features (except from the .ics generator) without registering on the site, registering assures that your settings are stored permanently within The TV Calendar database. If you would like to register with The TV Calendar, please head to the register page.

Why are episodes showing on the wrong day?

The TV Calendar uses GeoIP to determine where in the world you are.
If you do not yet have an account or if this is your first time on the site, you most likely do not have a cookie set for your location. The TV Calendar will do its best to set your account to your local timezone. The TV Calendar tracks when shows air in their country of origin, which is usually where the episode airs first in the world be it USA, UK, Canada or Australia (though there are exceptions to this).
For example, if you are in the UK, you will be set to GMT timezone, which is 4 hours ahead of the USA Eastern timezone. This means that when a program airs at 8pm in USA Eastern, that program will actually be airing at 12am on the "next day" going by GMT.
Please note: If you would like to see when a show airs in the USA first, please select USA Eastern from the Timezone option dropdown in the settings panel at the top right of The TV Calendar.

Why are some shows not shown?

We have nearly every major / minor weekly series tracked. Some minor shows aren't tracked as we feel this would make The TV Calendar more complicated than it needs to be. We are democratic though; you can "vote" for shows by requesting them, either via email, Facebook or Twitter. When a show that we haven't already included gets a certain number of requests we will add it to the listings.
Shows like simple cookery programs, daytime TV or similar won't appear on the listings, as these are usually run every day at the same time no matter what, and hopefully you shouldn't need a calendar for those.

Why are some shows' information wrong?

Despite our best efforts, The TV Calendar isn't infallible. Our system works very hard to bring you the correct data, so you can be sure that errors won't be there for long. As we use other sites data, if their information is wrong, ours will be too. Most problems are solved before the show starts, but occasionally errors do happen. The main causes of these are: the network pre-empts the show with just a few hours to go before air. Just keep checking The TV Calendar!

What do the colours of various episodes mean?

This information is for the Default style only; other styles may differ slightly
Our system highlights the PREMIERE EPSIODE of the show (i.e. s01e01). This is so you can more easily see when new start.
The premiere episodes are shown in GOLD.
Our system highlights the FIRST EPSIODE of other seasons (e.g. s02e01, s10e01, s17e01). This is so you can see when your favorite shows re-start.
The first episodes are shown in GREEN.
The FINALE EPSIODE are shown in RED. Unfortunately we do not have this information for all shows, but it is 95% accurate.
We have a feature where you can mark of which shows you have watched. When you mark them, the shows will go GREY.
All standard shows are coloured WHITE.

Why am I seeing the words "Hugging" and "Cuddled" in summaries?

The TV Calendar is monetised using Google Adsense. As part of Googles drive to be more advertiser friendly (you may know this as the Adpocalyse - it didn't just affect Youtubers) their system is now telling me the Calendar has SHOCKING CONTENT on it, and that ads will be removed from such pages.
They no longer allow references to crimes or sexual behaviour, even though these are summaries of shows on TV, that themselves run adverts from the same advertisers that are clients of Google. There isn't a great deal of reasoning behind this move.
Given that half of the Calendar is shows such as CSI and The Walking Dead, this doesn't leave many options. So words are replaced to stop Googles bots from limiting the adverts. It seems to have worked, the number of pages they claim violates their policy has reduced massively since the changes were made. The edits will be left in place, but it's a code level replacement, not database, so Premium Members will see the unedited version, where adverts are not a concern.

How can I generate an ICS for Google Calendar?

Currently, the link you see on the top bar when logged in to 'Download iCal File', forces your browser to download the iCal to file directly rather than showing the contents of the file in your browser. This is the desired behaviour if you want to import it manually into a calendar program which may not have an import-from-url feature. Unfortunately, the way the file is forced to download (by telling your browser the file is an attachment) is not compatible with google calendar; for some reason, it is unable to read the data (this used to work, strangely).
If you copy the URL given to you from the 'Download iCal File' link and change 'download_ics' to 'generate_ics', you should be able to use the new link within google calendar and most calendar programs with an import-from-url feature. By telling the server to generate the ics rather than download it, the file is sent without an attachment header and can be read correctly by Google.
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