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[ C ] - Currently Airing Shows


Thursday, 11:59 pm On Stan NEW!
Four Australian soldiers sent on a mission to a war-torn country are captured by freedom fighters and produce a hostage video that goes... Comedy

The Calling

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Peacock NEW!
NYPD Detective Avraham Avraham's belief in mankind is his superpower when it comes to uncovering the truth. Guided by a deep sense of spirituality and religious principles, Avraham is left to question his own humanity when a seemingly routine investigation turns upside... Crime

Call The Midwife

Sunday, 08:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
Call The Midwife is a drama series adapted for television by Heidi Thomas from Jennifer Worth's best selling memoir, book of the same name. The series is a colourful look at the world of midwifery and family life in 1950's East End London. Jenny joins an eccentric community...

Cannes Confidential

Monday, 11:59 pm On Acorn TV NEW!
Set against Cannes and the Cote d'Azur, the action centers on the relationship between an idealistic and ambitious female cop and an ex-conman and master of counterfeit, who's on the run from both the police and the mob. The pair are forced into an unlikely - and... Crime

Captain Fall

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A goofy, gullible sea captain is hired to helm a high-end cruise ship and becomes the perfect fall guy for an illicit smuggling... Animation

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The year is 1992. The country formerly known as the U.S.A. is now called Eden, a technocracy ruled by propaganda and corruption. Super-soldier Dolph Laserhawk has just been betrayed by the love of his life and locked up in Eden’s top security prison Supermaxx. He must now... Animation

The Capture

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
When soldier Shaun Emery's conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man with his young daughter. But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun's life takes a shocking... Drama

Carol & The End of The World

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
With a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth, extinction is imminent for the people of the world. While most feel liberated to pursue their wildest dreams, one quiet and always uncomfortable woman stands alone andmdash; lost among the hedonistic... Animation

Castlevania: Nocturne

Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
In the thick of the French Revolution, members of the so-called lower classes are rising up to fight inequality. Meanwhile, Richter Belmont senses a far grimmer and greater danger. He's picked up his family's long-held tradition of vampire hunting, a vocation that goes back... Animation


Saturday, 08:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
Casualty is the world's longest running and most successful medical drama series on television. It depicts the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and all others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large...


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On MTV NEW!
From the producers of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary film "Catfish'' comes a TV version, which follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Filmmakers Yaniv ''Nev'' Schulman - whose own online love drama... Reality

Celebrity Big Brother (US)

Monday, 08:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Celebrity Big Brother is the first celebrity edition of reality hit Big Brother and follows a group of celebrities living together in a house outfitted with 87 HD cameras and more than 100 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, someone will be... Reality

Central Park

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
Told through the eyes of a fourth wall-aware busker narrator, named Birdie, the musical series tells the story of the Tillerman-Hunter family who live in Edendale Castle in Central Park. Patriarch Owen (the dorky manager of the park), his wife Paige (a journalist always... Animation

The Changeling

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
Apollo and Emma's love story is a fairy tale - until Emma mysteriously vanishes. Bereft, Apollo finds himself on a death-defying odyssey through a New York City he didn't know... Fantasy


Sunday, 10:00 pm On EPIX NEW!
Set in the 1850s, the series follows Captain Charles Boone, who relocates his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small, seemingly sleepy town of Preacher's Corners, Maine after his wife dies at sea. However, Charles will soon have to confront the secrets... Supernatural

The Chelsea Detective

Monday, 11:59 pm On Acorn TV NEW!
London's Chelsea neighborhood is a beautiful borough for beautiful people, but it has a dark underside of deception, violence, greed-and murder. Bodies have a way of showing up, and things are rarely what they seem. DI Max Arnold and his partner, DS Priya Shamsie, must root... Crime

The Chi

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
A relevant, timely and distinctive coming-of-age story following a half dozen interrelated characters in the South Side of Chicago. The story centers on Brandon, an ambitious and confident young man who dreams about opening a restaurant of his own someday, but is conflicted... Drama

Chicago Fire

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
No job is more stressful, dangerous or exhilarating than those of the Firefighters, Rescue Squad and Paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. These are the courageous men and women who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way. But the enormous... Action

Chicago Med

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
The newest installment of the compelling 'Chicago' franchise, an emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together. They will tackle unique new cases inspired by topical events...

Chicago Party Aunt

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Follows Diane Dunbrowski, aka the Chicago Party Aunt, as she stays true to her mantra, 'If life gives you lemons, turn that shit into Mike's Hard... Animation

Chicago PD

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups: The uniformed cops who patrol the beat and deal with street crimes, and the intelligence unit, the team that combats the city's major offenses, such as organized crime, drug... Crime

Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On Disney+ NEW!
Combining classic-style cartoon comedy with contemporary storytelling, the series follows two tiny wisecracking troublemakers trying to live the good life in a big city park while having giant-sized, sky-high adventures. Disney's beloved chipmunks, optimistic but nervous... Animation

The Chosen One

Wednesday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Jodie, a twelve-year-old boy in Baja California, suddenly discovers he has Jesus-like powers: he can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and, perhaps, even raise the dead! As the Evangelical and the Yaqui leaders in town try to get him to use his powers to save... Fantasy


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Syfy NEW!
After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town hypocrisies and secrets. Meanwhile, the arrival of enemies and allies from Chucky past threatens to expose... Supernatural

Circuit Breakers

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
A futuristic anthology series that tackles kid-relatable issues through a sci-fi lens; and 'Interrupting Chicken', an animated preschool series which illuminates the joy of reading, writing and storytelling for children, and stars the voice talents of three-time Emmy Award...

The Circus

Sunday, 08:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
This documentary series pulls back the curtain on the 2016 presidential race, revealing the intense, inspiring and infuriating stories behind the headlines. Key characters and events from the individual campaigns are presented in real time, as they are happening. Produced... Documentary


Friday, 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Eight years ago, Citadel, an independent global spy agency, was destroyed by a new syndicate, Manticore. With their memories wiped, elite agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh barely escaped with their lives. Eight years later, Mason's former colleague, Bernard Orlic, asks for...

Clarkson's Farm

Friday, 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Follow Jeremy Clarkson as he embarks on his latest adventure, farming. The man who on several occasions claimed to be allergic to manual labour takes on the most manually labour intensive job there is. With no previous farming experience, Jeremy contends with the worst...

Class of '07

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
When an apocalyptic tidal wave hits during the ten-year reunion of an all-girls high school, a group of women must find a way to survive on the island peak of their high school... Comedy

The Cleaning Lady

Monday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Thony, a whip-smart doctor who comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son. But when the system fails and pushes her into hiding, she refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. Instead, she becomes a cleaning lady for the mob and starts playing the...


Friday, 09:00 pm On Sky1 NEW!
As widespread power outages cause chaos and threaten lives across the country, the COBRA committee comprised of the UK's leading experts and politicians, gathers to find a way to turn the lights back... Drama

Cobra Kai

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On Netflix NEW!
Cobra Kai takes place 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and finds Johnny Lawrence on the hunt for redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. This reignites his old rivalry with the successful Daniel LaRusso, who has been... Action

Code 404

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On Sky1 NEW!
Set in the near future, Code 404 revolve around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major and DI Roy Carver, who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed. How will the SIU... Comedy

Cold Justice

Saturday, 06:00 pm On TNT NEW!
In small towns across America, cases involving violent crimes can often go cold because of a lack of funding, resources and state-of-the-art forensic technology. With the right resources, though, it is possible that many of these cold cases can be re-opened and solved... Crime

Colin from Accounts

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Binge NEW!
Centred on Ashley and Gordon, two single(ish), complex humans who are brought together by a car accident and an injured dog, Colin from Accounts is about flawed, funny people choosing each other and being brave enough to show their true self, scars and all, as they navigate... Comedy


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On MGM+ NEW!
Young CIA analyst Joe Turner, whose idealism is tested when he stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions. Turner is an idealistic millennial who secretly joins the CIA hoping to reform it from within. But when everyone in his office is...

The Conners

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On ABC NEW!
The Conners are a working-class family, struggling to get by on a limited household income who, after a sudden turn of events, are forced to face the daily struggles of life in their home in the drab fictional mid-state exurb of Lanford, Illinois in a way they never have... Comedy

The Continental

Friday, 11:59 pm On Peacock NEW!
The origin behind the iconic hotel-for-assassins through the eyes and actions of a young Winston Scott, as he's dragged into the Hell-scape of 1970's New York City to face a past he thought he'd left behind. Winston charts a deadly course through the hotel's mysterious... Action


Monday, 10:00 pm On SPIKE NEW!
Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace. Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries... Documentary

Count Abdulla

Thursday, 11:59 pm On ITVX NEW!
It follows Abdulla Khan - a mid-twenties British-Pakistani Muslim doctor stuck in an identity crisis, caught between his religious mother and his secular, hedonistic friends. But when Abdulla is bitten by a vampire he suddenly becomes the outsider's... Comedy

Counting Cars

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On HISTORY NEW!
Most people in Las Vegas bet with chips, but Danny "The Count" Koker bets with cars. Known from his numerous appearances on Pawn Stars, this Sin City legend walks, talks and breathes classic American muscle cars. When he sees a car he wants, he will do whatever it takes to... Reality

Country Queen

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
When an invasive mining company threatens the existence of her village, a city girl caught between two worlds must return home, overcome her painful past to save the village and find herself in the... Action

The Couple Next Door

Monday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Evie and Pete move into an upscale neighbourhood and find themselves in a world of curtain twitching and status anxiety. They find friendship in the shape of the couple next door, alpha traffic cop Danny and his wife, glamorous yoga instructor Becka, but after Danny and... Drama


Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
One of the most fundamental questions of humanity, 'death and beyond'. The biggest wish of Ziya, an adventurous, rebellious and excited young medical student, is to be a very good physician and cure many epidemics that medicine cannot find a cure... Fantasy


Thursday, 08:00 pm On Shudder NEW!
A young boy's horror comic book comes to life in this anthology series of terrifying tales.... Supernatural

Crime Scene Kitchen

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Culinary guessing game in which bakers are tasked with decoding what type of dessert was made when all that's left are the crumbs, flour trails, and a few elusive clues. They must then recreate the recipe for celebrity judges, chef Curtis Stone and cake artist Yolanda... Reality

Criminal Minds: Evolution

Friday, 11:59 pm On Paramount+ NEW!
FBI's elite team of criminal profiler's faces their greatest threat, a UnSub who used the pandemic to build a network of serial killers; as the world opens back up the network goes operational and the team must hunt down one murderer at a... Crime

The Crossover

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On Disney Channel NEW!
The coming-of-age story of basketball prodigy twins Filthy (aka Josh) and JB who learn that even though they have so much that binds them together growing up is all about discovering what makes us unique. Through his lyrical poetry, Josh narrates the story, on and off... Drama

The Crown

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The Crown traces the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 through to the present day. The first season portrays the Queen in the early part of her reign, depicts events up to 1955, with Winston Churchill resigning as Prime Minister and the Queen's sister...

Cruel Summer

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Freeform NEW!
The unconventional drama takes place over three summers in the 90s when a beautiful and popular teen goes missing, and a seemingly unrelated girl transforms from a sweet and awkward outlier to the most popular girl in town, eventually becoming the most despised person in... Drama

CSI: Vegas

Thursday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a brilliant team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new techniques to preserve and serve justice in Sin... Crime


Thursday, 11:59 pm On Disney+ NEW!
Joe Petrus is living the American dream: a fiancé to Jules, dad to Frankie and Bud, and starting his own business in a sleepy suburban town. But unbeknownst to his family, Joe has a secret. Three years ago, he was recruited by notorious British criminal Dianne Harewood to... Action

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sunday, 10:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Each half-hour episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm features verite-style footage of David (playing himself) at home, at work and around town, as he gets into predicaments with fictional and real-life personalities. With cast regulars Jeff Garlin and Cheryl Hines reprising their... Comedy

The Curse

Sunday, 10:00pm On Channel 4 NEW!
This comedy caper set in early 1980s London follows a gang of hopeless small time crooks who, through their own stupidity and poor judgment, find themselves embroiled in one of the biggest gold heists in... Comedy

The Curse (US)

Sunday, 10:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
Newly married couple Whitney and Asher are convinced they're helping to build communities - and save lives - by developing eco-friendly homes for 'Fliplanthropy', their socially conscious new reality show. But behind every on-camera renovation lies a path of off-camera... Comedy

The Curse of Oak Island

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On History NEW!
In 1795, three teenage boys discovered a strange, man-made hole on Oak Island, a small, wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. As the boys began to dig, they found a number of intriguing artifacts. It was the end of the piracy era and rumors of buried... Reality


Saturday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
The Vanderhouvens are a typical family... except a curse recently turned Alex - their loving husband and father - to stone. In order to save him, his wife and kids set out on spine-tingling adventures to return ancient artefacts stolen by an... Animation

[ C ] - Shows Cancelled or Have Ended

Cable Girls

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
In 1920s Madrid, four women at the National Telephone Company ring in revolution as they deal with romance, envy and the modern workplace. Each woman has a different reason for joining the company. Alba Romero, who goes by the name Lidia Aguilar to conceal her identity...


Sunday, 09:30 pm On Showtime NEW!
Californication is the story of Hank Moody. Hank is a novelist who has recently moved to Los Angeles, which complicates his relationship with Karen, his ex-girlfriend, whom he still has feelings for and Becca, his 12-year-old... Comedy

Call Me Fitz

Sunday, 08:30 pm On HBO Canada NEW!
Set almost entirely in a used car dealership, Call Me Fitz follows a handsome, substance abusing scoundrel, Fitz, who torments his naive co workers, sleeps with any woman who has a pulse and thinks his life is perfect. In an attempt to secure a hold on "Salesman of the... Comedy

Call Me Kat

Thursday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Kat, a woman who struggles every day against society and her mother to prove that she can live a happy and fulfilling life, despite still being single at 39. Which is why she recently spent her entire savings to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky. Although Kat... Comedy


Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
Told through a series of interconnected phone conversations, this groundbreaking series chronicles the mysterious story of a group of strangers whose lives are thrown into disarray in the lead-up to an apocalyptic... Crime

Call Your Mother

Wednesday, 09:30 pm On ABC NEW!
An empty-nester mom wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away. She decides her place is with her family and as she reinserts herself into their lives, her kids realize they might actually need her more than they... Comedy


Friday, 10:00 pm On Starz NEW!
In the wake of King Uther's sudden death, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future, he installs the young and impetuous Arthur, Uther's unknown son and heir, who has been raised from birth as a commoner. But Arthur's cold and... Fantasy


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Off the grid and miles from civilization, Little Otter Family Camp has summer fun for everyone. Mackenzie Granger is the camp owner and director. Still reeling from her recent divorce, Mackenzie is ready for a fresh start. She is running things on her own for the first... Comedy


Sunday, 10:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Walt, whose 45th birthday was supposed to be a delightful weekend back to nature, at least according to his obsessively organized and aggressively controlling wife Kathryn. But when the camping trip gathers Kathryn's meek sister, holier than thou ex-best friend and a... Comedy


Monday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
Candy Montgomery is a 1980 housewife and mother who did everything right - good husband, two kids, nice house, even the careful planning and execution of transgressions - but when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom.... Crime


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
This soapy drama tells the story of two multi-generational Latin American families, the Duques and the Samuels in the rum and sugar business. This series explores the rivalry between the two families as well as the power struggles within the individual... Drama

The Cape

Monday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
In fictional Palm City former cop Vince Faraday is framed for murder. Believed to be dead, he takes on the persona of his son's favorite comic book superhero 'The Cape' to clear his name and reunite with his family. Together with a group of former carnies, he fights against...


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Syfy NEW!
The planet Caprica is the cultural, economic, political, educational, and technological centre of the Twelve Colonies. However, this world is also rotting. Plagued with decadence and crime, the people of Caprica are unaware of the storm brewing in the form of the creation... Science Fiction


Thursday, 09:00 pm On CTV NEW!
Detective John Cardinal attempts to uncover the mystery of what happened to the missing 13-year-old girl whose body is discovered in the shaft-head of an abandoned mine. At the same time, he comes under investigation by his new partner, Lise Delorme, a tough investigator in... Crime

Carmen Sandiego

Friday, 08:00 pm On Netflix NEW!
A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego travels the world foiling V.I.L.E'.s evil plans - with help from her savvy... Animation

The Carmichael Show

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
From the comedy of Jerrod Carmichael and Nick Stoller comes an irreverent sitcom inspired by Jerrod's relationships with his say-anything, contrarian father, his therapist-in training girlfriend, his ever-hustling brother, and his mother who is always, always, always right... Comedy


Sunday, 10:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Set in the 1930s Dust Bowl, 18-year old Ben Hawkins finds himself all alone in this world when his mother passes on. But a travelling Carnivandagrave;le takes him in. We also see the story of Brother Justin, a priest who is trying to find his way in the world. Little do Ben... Fantasy

Carnival Row

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
In a mystical and dark city filled with humans, fairies and other creatures, a police detective investigates a series of gruesome murders leveled against the fairy population. During his investigation, the detective becomes the prime suspect and must find the real killer to... Supernatural

Carol's Second Act

Thursday, 09:30 pm On CBS NEW!
At age 50, Carol Kenney has raised her children, gotten divorced and retired from teaching. Instead of kicking up her heels and taking a well-earned break, she decides it's time to start over, committing to the pursuit of her dream of becoming a doctor. As the oldest... Comedy


Tuesday, 09:30 pm On ABC NEW!
During the drive time to and from the office, four diverse men share their daily commute and share pieces of their lives as they drive. The four men consist of Laird, a recently divorced playboy; Aubrey, a shy breadwinner; Gracen, a conservative and traditional man; and... Comedy

The Carrie Diaries

Friday, 08:00 pm On The CW NEW!
Carrie Bradshaw is in her senior year of high school in the early 1980s. She asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while navigating the worlds of high school and... Comedy


Tuesday, 08:00 pm On Bravo NEW!
An embarrassing public meltdown in Hollywood prompts Harley Carter, the star of America's No. 1 procedural TV show, to retreat to his small Ontario hometown to reconnect with his roots. Now that he's back, Harley wants to prove that he is more than a pretty face. But... Crime

Cashmere Mafia

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Four successful, beautiful women who've have been friends since college, attempt to balance their high-powered careers with their equally complex love lives. Together they talk about their latest relationships and the ups and downs of dating and working as they try to... Drama


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Castaways is a revolutionary series testing the human need for companionship under extreme circumstances as each individual learns there are other castaways out there but are unaware of how many, their locations or when they will be rescued. This visually stunning, new... Reality


Monday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Meet Richard Castle: he's a successful murder-mystery writer who has just killed off his main character. However, it seems one of his fans liked his books just a bit too much when a copycat murderer starts running around killing people as described in Castle's books.... Crime

Castle Rock

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On Hulu NEW!
Based on the stories of Stephen King, the series will intertwine characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock. 'Complicated' is putting it simply. As a child, Henry was involved in an accident that left his father dead and him the sole suspect, but he has no...


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
When his wife is burned at the stake after being falsely accused of witchcraft, the vampire Count Dracula declares all the people of Wallachia will pay with their lives. He summons an army of demons which overruns the country, causing the people to live lives of fear and... Animation


Tuesday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
Casual follows the story of a dysfunctional family trying to help each other navigate the modern dating scene. Recent divorcee Tara and her bachelor brother coach each other through the crazy world of dating (on-line and off), while living under the same roof again for the... Comedy


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
A comedy following an Irish woman and an American man who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London. Clumsy lust, instant pregnancy, and genuine disaster provide the foundation for this flaming hovel of a relationship. In a mess of events always in... Comedy

The Catch

Thursday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Unbeknownst to her slippery fiancé, a bride-to-be - who investigates fraud for a living - is not all she claims to be. And when the fiancé's expertly planned con collides with her perfectly constructed lies, they plunge into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Between her... Crime


Friday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
John Yossarian is a United States Army Air Forces bombardier in World War II, furious that thousands of people are trying to kill him and that his own army keeps increasing the number of missions he must fly. He is trapped by the bureaucratic rule Catch-22, which considers... Crime

Catherine the Great

Thursday, 09:00 pm On Sky Atlantic NEW!
The life of Catherine the Great toward the end of her reign during her affair with Grigory Potemkin; amid scandal, intrigue and immense conflict, they develop a unique and devoted relationship, overcoming their...

Caught (2018)

Monday, 09:00 pm On CBC NEW!
Locked up after a drug deal goes wrong, David Slaney makes a daring break from a New Brunswick prison to attempt one more deal with his former partner - all this with a dogmatic police officer, Patterson, at his heels. It's Slaney's last chance at freedom - but in this tale... Action


Tuesday, 08:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Cavemen revolves around Joel, his younger brother Andy and best friend Nick. Joel is engaged to Kate. Even though he has some problems with her conservative parents accepting him, he is happy with his life and pursuing the American Dream. The pilot is based on the Geico... Comedy

Cedar Cove

Saturday, 08:00 pm On Hallmark NEW!
Judge Olivia Lockhart, whose Cedar Cove Municipal Court is the professional milieu and social microcosm of issues the judge will face in her own day-to-day life with family and friends. Veteran actor Dylan Neal plays Jack Griffith, the new editor of the Cedar Cove... Drama


Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Fame. Money. Power. One young woman fights to become the next hottest celebrity in the glamorous yet scandalous world of influencers in... Drama


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Centaurworld follows a war horse who is transported from her embattled world to a strange land inhabited by silly, singing centaurs of all species, shapes, and sizes. Desperate to return home, she befriends a group of these magical creatures and embarks on a journey that... Animation


Tuesday, 10:30 pm On TBS NEW!
Chad, a 14-year-old Persian boy, navigates his first year of high school on a mission to become popular. Chad's friendships and sanity are pushed to the limits as he uses every tactic at his disposal to befriend the cool kids, while enduring his mother's new dating life and... Comedy

The Chair

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A look at the trials and tribulations of the Chair of an English department at a major university. Explore the hardships of Ji-Yoon being the first Asian woman to have such a high position in that department as well as provide many comedic moments along the... Drama


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Consumed by the mystery surrounding the donor heart that saved her life, a young patient starts taking on sinister characteristics of the... Supernatural


Thursday, 09:30 pm On NBC NEW!
Vince, a charismatic gym owner with no ambition lives with his younger brother Michael, a gorgeous idiot. Their simple life of women and working out is put on hold when the teenage son of Vince is dropped off on their doorstep by Priya, one of his old high school... Comedy


Wednesday, 09:00 pm On Hulu NEW!
Based on Kem Nunn's novel, Chance is described as a provocative psychological thriller that focuses on Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie), a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police... Drama

Channel Zero

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On Syfy NEW!
A child psychologist returns to his small town home to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his twin brother and a slew of other children in the 1980s, and how it is connected to a bizarre local children's television show that aired at the same...


Saturday, 08:00 pm On CBS NEW!
With outdated technology and limited supplies, the Office of Disruptive Services (ODS) team tackles high-risk foreign intelligence missions using manipulation, deception and wit to succeed. Rick Martinez was dismayed when his dream job as a spy was eliminated due to budget... Action

Charlie's Angels

Thursday, 08:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Everyone deserves a second chance - even a thief, a street racer and a cop who got in a little too deep. After all, the three women who solve cases for their elusive boss, Charlie Townsend, are no saints. They're angels... Charlie's Angels. Set in Miami, this fun... Action

Charlie Brookers Newswipe

Wednesday, 10:30 pm On BBC FOUR NEW!
Newswipe is presented by Charlie Brooker. Each week he takes a look at different news affecting the country.... Comedy

Charlie Jade

Saturday, 08:00 pm On Space NEW!
Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a world dominated by greedy multinational corporations. When Charlie sees the corpse of a beautiful young woman he realizes she embodies the impossible: she has no identity, something inconceivable in Charlie's world. While... Science Fiction


Sunday, 08:00 pm On The WB NEW!
The three Halliwell sisters have accepted their destiny of protecting the innocent and vanquishing evil doers, even though that is generally not on the agenda of every twenty-something on the fast track to discovering what life's all about. Prue, the oldest, is driven to... Supernatural

Charmed (2018)

Sunday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
Three months after their mother is killed by an unknown demonic force, sisters Mel and Maggie discover that they have an older half-sister, Macy. The first time the sisters are under the same roof, they unexpectedly start exhibiting new magical abilities; the eldest Macy... Supernatural


Monday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
"Chase" drops viewers smack into the middle of a game of cat-and-mouse as a team of U.S. marshals hunts down America's most dangerous fugitives. Kelli Giddish stars as U.S. Marshal Annie Frost, a cowboy boot-wearing deputy whose sharp mind and unique Texas upbringing help... Action

Chasing Life

Monday, 09:00 pm On ABC Family NEW!
April is a smart aspiring journalist in her 20s who tries to balance her ambitious career with her family, which includes her widowed mom, rebellious little sister, and her grandmother. We meet April at a pivotal moment in her life: she's landed a fantastic opportunity to... Drama


Thursday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
It's the cozy little bar in Boston where everybody knows your name; welcome to Cheers! The series was set in the Cheers Bar, and revolved around the life of bar owner Sam, and his employee's. Seasons 1-5 introduced Diane, the snobby, intelligent waitress who is forced... Comedy

The Chemistry of Death

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Paramount+ NEW!
When bodies begin turning up in the tranquil English countryside that he has recently made home, a forensic anthropologist helps local police in a race against time.... Crime


Monday, 09:00 pm On HBO NEW!
In April 1986 an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the USSR becomes one of the world's worst man-made...

Chesapeake Shores

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Hallmark Channel NEW!
Abby O'Brien Winters returns to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, after receiving a panicked phone call from her younger sister Jess, who has renovated the Inn at Eagle Point. Abby's demanding career, divorce and young twin daughters, has kept her busy to even... Drama

The Chicago Code

Monday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Veteran Chicago Police Detective Jarek Wysocki leads the special unit fighting against the corruption. Wysocki is assigned to head the special unit by his boss, the newly appointed first-female Chicago Police Superintendent and his one-time partner, Teresa Colvin. Also on... Crime

Chicago Justice

Sunday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Just like their brethren in the Chicago P.D., the State's Attorney's dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators navigates heated city politics and controversy head-on, while fearlessly pursuing justice. As they take on the city's high-stakes and often media-frenzied...


Thursday, 08:30 pm On Sky1 NEW!
It's 1914, the Great War rages, millions of men have shipped off to join the fight, yet in the sleepy English village of Rittle-on-Sea, three young chaps, Cecil, George and Bert, have stayed behind.Cecil would love to have earned his battle stripes and has all the makings... Comedy

Childhood's End

Monday, 08:00 pm On Syfy NEW!
Written by Arthur C. Clarke and hailed as a revolutionary work of science fiction since its publishing in 1953, Childhood's End follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious "Overlords", whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien... Science Fiction

Childrens Hospital

Friday, 11.59pm On Adult Swim NEW!
A hospital isn't a place for lazy people. It's a place for smart people who take care of people who aren't smart enough to keep themselves healthy. So begins Childrens Hospital, an all-new series that follows the lives, loves and laughs of a hospital staff. Tag lined as... Comedy

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Reimagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult and, of course, witchcraft. Tonally in the vein of Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, this adaptation finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her...


Wednesday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
As the 2016 US Presidential election approaches, photojournalist Lee Berger faces accusations of creating fake news. Returning to Beijing, Lee hopes to find the truth behind his most famous... Drama


Thursday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A coming-of-age sci-fi story about a young girl whose reality is suddenly turned upside down when everything she thought she knew turns out to be wrong, and she realises that the world is not as safe and blissful as she thought. It is also a thrilling and absurd story about... Science Fiction


Monday, 10:30 pm On FXX NEW!
Chozen is an animated comedy about its title character, "Chozen", a gay white rapper fresh out of prison. Armed with a new message, Chozen is on a quest for redemption and to claim his rightful position as the world's top rap artist. His music and lyrics take aim at the... Animation


Friday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Meet Chuck Bartowski. He's your run of the mill computer whiz working for Buy-More with his equally nerdy friends all while longing for the woman of his dreams. But Chuck's average life is suddenly turned upside down when an old friend, who happens to work for the CIA...

Cities of the Underworld

Sunday, 09:00 pm On History Channel NEW!
Peel back the layers of history with hosts Don Wildman and Eric Geller, as they explore underneath the cities of the world to find the hidden engineering feats and dark histories buried beneath. Travel though a maze of tunnels, hidden water supplies, hideouts, and tombs... Documentary

Citizen Khan

Friday, 08:30 pm On BBC One NEW!
Family-based sitcom set in the capital of British Pakistan - Sparkhill, Birmingham. Citizen Khan follows the trials and tribulations of loud-mouthed, tight-fisted, self-appointed community leader Mr Khan and his long suffering family, wife Mrs Khan and daughters Shazia and... Comedy

The City & The City

Friday, 09:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
When the body of a foreign student is discovered in the streets of the down-at-heel European city-state of Beszel, it's just another day's work for Inspector Tyador Borlu of the Extreme Crime Squad. But he uncovers evidence that the murdered girl came from Ul Qoma, a city... Crime

The City

Tuesday, 10:30 pm On MTV NEW!
It's a whole new world for 'The Hills' star Whitney Port, as she packs up and moves from the comforts of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, to the bright lights of Manhattan. With a great new job at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg, a best friend from her... Reality

City on a Hill

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
In early 1990s Boston, assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rhodes. Together, they take on a case that ultimately changes the city's entire criminal justice... Crime

City on Fire

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
A college student is shot in Central Park on July 4, 2003. The investigation connects a series of mysterious citywide fires, the downtown music scene, and a wealthy uptown real estate family fraying under the strain of the many secrets they... Drama


Thursday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
FBI Agent Clarice Starling returns to the field in 1993, one year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs. Brilliant and vulnerable, Clarice's bravery gives her an inner light that draws monsters and madmen to her. However, her complex psychological makeup that comes... Crime


Thursday, 09:00 am On Netflix NEW!
This is the incredible story behind Sweden's most notorious gangster, Clark Olofsson, whose infamous crimes gave rise to the term 'Stockholm... Action


Saturday, 10:00 am On BBC Three NEW!
The sixth formers of Coal Hill School all have their own secrets and wants. They have to deal with the stresses of everyday life, including friends, parents, school work, sex, and sorrow, and also the horrors that come from time travel. The Doctor and his time-travelling... Science Fiction

The Class

Monday, 08:30 pm On CBS NEW!
A group of twenty-somethings who were third-grade classmates are reunited at a surprise party 20 years later. What will happen when they find out what each other's lives are like... Comedy

Class of '09

Wednesday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
A group of FBI agents who graduated from Quantico in 2009 are reunited following the death of a mutual friend. Spanning three decades and told across three interweaving timelines, the series examines the nature of justice, humanity and the choices we make that ultimately... Crime


Sunday, 09:00 pm On TNT NEW!
Claws is a midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness set in a South Florida nail salon. The dramedy that follows the rise of five diverse and treacherous manicurists working at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon, where there is a lot more going on... Comedy

The Cleaner

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On A&E NEW!
William Banks is a recovering addict who struggles to maintain his own rocky personal life while he helps others get clean by any means necessary. William works with an eclectic group, and together they bring addicts of all kinds to the point where they are ready and... Drama

Cleaning Up

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On ITV NEW!
An ordinary working class woman, Sam, is caught between two worlds - the everyday life of a devoted and loving Mum and the darker, dangerous world of insider trading. Sassy office cleaner Sam is one of an invisible army of cleaners on a zero hours contract who mop, sweep... Drama

The Clearing

Wednesday, 11:59pm On Hulu NEW!
A woman is forced to confront the nightmares of her past in order to stop a secret cult intent on gathering children to fulfil its master... Drama

Cleopatra in Space

Wednesday, 11:59 pm On DreamWorks Channel NEW!
Follow Cleopatra's teenage years, as she deals with the ups and downs of being a high school teenager, after she transported 30,000 years into her future to a planet with Egyptian themes ruled by talking cats, and she is said to be the savior of a galaxy. Cleopatra and her... Animation

The Cleveland Show

Sunday, 07:30 pm On FOX NEW!
From the twisted mind of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, and The Winner) comes The Cleveland Show. The show will chronicle the life of Cleveland Brown, a hit character of Family Guy, after he moves from Spooner Street to Stoolbend, Virginia, with his high... Animation


Thursday, 10:00 pm On SundanceTV NEW!
Set in the near future, Cleverman focuses on a group of non-humans battling for survival in a world where humans' inferiority complexes make us want to silence, exploit and kill them. It is also a story of two estranged Indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight... Science Fiction


Wednesday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Clickbait explores the ways dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fueled in the age of social media, and reveals the ever-widening fractures between virtual and real-life personas. For instance, the Brewer Family, who discovers that one of their own, Nick Brewer, is... Drama

The Client List

Sunday, 10:00 pm On Lifetime NEW!
Riley Parks is a Texas housewife, who, after being deserted by her husband, is left in deep financial straits and takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa in a neighboring town. When she realizes massages aren't the only services on the menu, she quickly grabs the... Drama


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On tbs NEW!
A group of misfits from high school who work together at a Charlestown, Mass. barbershop called Buzzy's. Their dreams may lie across the Charles River in Boston, but for now, their work, their lives and their loves - not to mention their sense of humor - remain in... Comedy

The Clone Wars

Saturday, 09:30 am On Netflix NEW!
The Grand Clone Army of the Republic, led by Jedi Masters Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other Masters must fight the New Droid Army of the Separatists to defend the Republic and the political stability of the galaxy. They face the cunning Dooku, the vicious General... Animation

The Closer

Monday, 09:00 pm On TNT NEW!
The LAPD has created a new division - Priority Homicide - to deal with high-profile murders and incidents. However, the assistant chief gives the job to a former FBI interrogator (and former lover), Brenda Leigh Johnson, raising ire in Capt. Taylor, the man who thought he... Crime

Close To Me

Sunday, 11:59 pm On Viaplay NEW!
Jo Harding is a woman who has a perfect life with her partner until a fall erases an entire year from her memory. As she struggles to piece events together, Jo discovers that her life was in fact far from perfect.... Drama

Close to the Enemy

Thursday, 09:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
Close To The Enemy follows intelligence officer Captain Callum Ferguson, whose last task for the Army is to ensure that a captured German scientist, Dieter, starts working for the British RAF on urgently developing the jet... Drama

The Code (2019)

Monday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
The military's brightest minds take on the United States' toughest legal challenges, inside the courtroom and out, in the only law office in the world where every attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator - and a Marine. Operating out of Judge...

The Code

Sunday, 08:30 pm On ABC1 NEW!
Stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia's outback to the cool corridors of power in Canberra, The Code tells the story of two very different brothers who are handed information those in the highest political echelons will kill to keep... Drama

Code Black

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
In the busiest, most notorious ER in the nation the staggering influx of patients can outweigh the limited resources available to the extraordinary doctors and nurses whose job is to treat them all - creating a condition known as Code Black. At the heart of the ER's...

The Colbert Report

Monday, 11:30 pm On Comedy Central NEW!
The Colbert Report (the t is silent in both "Colbert" and "Report") is an American satirical late night television program that airs Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central. It stars political humorist Stephen Colbert, a former correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon... Talk Show

Cold Case

Sunday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Lilly Rush, the lone female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad who finds her calling when she's assigned to "cold cases" - crimes that have never been solved. Previously, she used her instinctive understanding of the criminal mind on current murders. Now, she's... Crime

Cold Feet

Monday, 09:00 pm On ITV NEW!
Adam Williams and Rachel Bradley start the series about a year and six or so weeks into their relationship. Jenny and Pete Gifford are a married couple that start the series with the birth of their first child. Karen and David Marsden are another married couple, they... Drama


Monday, 09:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
Set over the course of four days, this four-part drama explores the spiraling repercussions surrounding the fatal shooting of a pizza delivery man. Refusing to accept this is a random act of senseless violence, tough and single-minded Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie... Crime


Thursday, 10:00 pm On USA Network NEW!
Colony is a naturalistic drama about a family that's torn by opposing forces and makes difficult decisions as its members balance staying together with surviving the struggle of the human race. Set in the near future, the story takes place in Los Angeles, which exists in a... Science Fiction

Combat Hospital

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Set in 2006 at the only military hospital providing advanced surgical care in all of Southern Afghanistan, Combat Hospital charts the frantic lives of the hospital's resident doctors and nurses from Canada, America, the U.K. and other allied countries. This...

The Comeback

Sunday, 10:00 pm On HBO NEW!
In her effort to revive her flagging career, forty-something Valerie agrees to be the focus of a reality television show called The Comeback which follows her every move as she tries to land a role in a hot new sitcom about "four sexy singles living in a condo" called Room... Comedy

The Comedians

Thursday, 10:00 pm On FX NEW!
A superstar veteran comedian is reluctantly paired with a younger, edgier comedian for a late-night comedy sketch show.... Comedy

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Thursday, 10:30 pm On IFC NEW!
Comedy Bang! Bang! cleverly riffs on the well-known format of the late night talk show, infusing celebrity appearances and comedy sketches with a tinge of the surreal. In each episode, Aukerman engages his guests with unfiltered and improvisational lines of questioning... Comedy

Come Home

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
When mother Marie mysteriously leaves the family home, the repercussions are... Drama

The Comey Rule

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
An immersive, behind-the-headlines account of the historically turbulent events surrounding the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, which divided a nation. This two-part biopic tells the story of two powerful figures, Comey and Trump, whose strikingly different... Drama

Comic Book Men

Monday, 11:59 pm On AMC NEW!
Comic Book Men is a show that is for Fanboys by Fanboys. Set in uber-geek Kevin Smith's iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, the show explores every nook and cranny of Fanboy culture from A to Z. Endless circular debates about the technical accuracy of the... Reality

Commander in Chief

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Mackenzie Allen, the 45-year old Independent Vice President, is about to enter a world in which no woman has ever stepped foot in before. While in attendance at a ceremony with her husband, Chief of Staff Rod Calloway, Mackenzie is given the startling news that President...

Common Law

Friday, 10:00 pm On USA Network NEW!
Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell are two cops with a problem... each other. Wes, a methodical former lawyer with a passion for cars, gardening and his ex-wife, and Travis, a maverick ladies' man who served time in juvenile hall, can't stand each other. As partners, they... Crime


Tuesday, 08:00 pm On YAHOO! SCREEN NEW!
Community is a smart comedy series about higher education - and lower expectations. The student body at Greendale Community College is made up of high-school losers, newly divorced housewives, and old people who want to keep their minds active. Within these... Comedy

The Company You Keep

Sunday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Con man Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma are unknowingly on a collision course professionally after a night of passion leads to love between the pair. While Charlie ramps up the 'family business' so he can get out for good, Emma's closing in on the vengeful criminal...


Thursday, 09:00 pm On USA Network NEW!
John Ellison, a disillusioned suburban ER doctor, finds his existence transformed when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boy's life and killing one of his attackers. When Ellison learns the boy is the son of an influential gang leader and is still a... Drama


Monday, 11:00 pm On TBS NEW!
After his legendary late-night talk shows on NBC, including Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and fresh off his 32 cities tour The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, Conan O'Brien returns to the small screen.... Talk Show

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

Thursday, 11:59 pm On ITVX NEW!
Set against the dazzling opulence of Georgian London, follow the eponymous character, born on a Jamaican slave plantation and transported as a 'gift' by the man who enslaved her to the home of a wealthy London couple - celebrated scientist George Benham and his exquisitely...

The Confession Tapes

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
This true crime documentary series investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced, involuntary or... Documentary


Wednesday, 11:59pm On Disney+ NEW!
'Connect' is a new species with an undying body. Dong-soo is taken hostage by human organ traffickers and awakes with a missing eye. He soon discovers that his eye has been transplanted in a serial killer terrorizing the nation. He chases after the serial killer with his... Fantasy


Thursday, 11:59pm On Peacock NEW!
Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the series follows the lives of a group of friends who try to stay connected via videotelephony as they navigate through the various nuances of life in a... Comedy


Friday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Based on the wildly popular DC Comics series 'Hellblazer', seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine specializes in giving hell... hell. Armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and his wickedly naughty wit, he fights the good fight - or at...

The Consultant

Friday, 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Twisted, comedic-thriller series that explores the sinister relationship between boss and employee. When a new consultant, Regus Patoff, is hired to improve the business at the App-based gaming company CompWare, employees experience new demands and challenges that put...


Tuesday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
The series follows an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta, leaving the large city quarantined and those stuck on the inside fighting for their lives. The drama tells the story of loved ones torn apart, and how the society that grows inside the cordon reveals both the...


Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showcase NEW!
When a group of fanatical terrorists escapes their planned execution in the year 2077, they vault back in time to the year 2012, sweeping dedicated CPS Protector, Kiera Cameron along with them. Stuck in the past and unable to get back to her husband and son, Kiera... Science Fiction

Control Z

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
During an assembly at Colegio Nacional (National School), a hacker exposes a huge secret of one of the students. This causes panic and humiliates a secretly transgender student. The hacker continues revealing students' secrets which causes numerous students to turn on one... Drama

Conversations with Friends

Sunday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
Two female college students in Dublin who forge an unexpected, strange and sexually charged relationship with an older married couple, which results in a complicated pair of love triangles that upends their... Drama


Sunday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Lawyer and former First Daughter Hayes Morrison is about to accept a job offered from her nemesis, NY District Attorney Wayne Wallis, to avoid jail time for cocaine possession and avoid hurting her mother's Senate campaign. Working with his team at the new Conviction...

Conviction (2006)

Friday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Conviction is a fast-paced law drama focusing on the lives of young ADAs in New York as they work on high-profile cases that present a new challenge each and every day that tries their strength, both physical and emotional. With stories written by the veteran Law & Order...

The Cool Kids

Friday, 08:30 pm On FOX NEW!
Three guy friends in a retirement community are the top dogs until they're blown out of the water by the newest member of the community, a female rebel who's ready to challenge their place - it's high school with 70... Comedy

Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life

Sunday, 08:30 pm On FOX NEW!
Young ensemble comedy about a group of friends living together for the first time. Each episode is told from the perspective of Cooper Barrett, a wickedly charming and deeply flawed recent college grad whose life is filled with terrible choices, excellent mistakes and... Comedy

Copenhagen Cowboy

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A young enigmatic renegade named Miu is searching for her nemesis, Rakel after devoting her life to an unknown organization for years. She would seek vengeance and justice towards her nemesis whilst navigating the ominous criminal netherworld of Copenhagen through a natural... Crime


Sunday, 10:00 pm On BBC America NEW!
Kevin Corcoran is an Irish immigrant policeman trying to keep the peace in the historical Five Points neighborhood in 1860s New York City while searching for information on the disappearance of his wife and death of his daughter. It explores the aftermath of the... Action

Copycat Killer

Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
In Copycat Killer, a serial killer taps into the media interest over his murders and ruthlessly manipulates their victims, the police and the media like a puppet master, turning the case into a national... Crime

Corner Gas

Monday, 08:00 pm On CTV Canada NEW!
Corner Gas is about the lives of the people who live in Dog River and hang around the only gas station and restaurant in town. The cast of characters includes Brent LeRoy, the owner of Corner Gas and chronic comic book reader; his assistant at the station, Wanda Dollard... Comedy


Monday, 09:00 pm On CBC NEW!
The series follows Jenny Cooper, a former ER doctor and newly appointed coroner investigating suspicious deaths. Suffering from anxiety and recently widowed with a teenage son, Jenny is a woman of action driven by an intense desire for the...


Tuesday, 10:30 pm On Comedy Central NEW!
A dark, edgy look at life as a Junior-Executive-in-Training at your average, soulless multinational corporation. Matt and Jake are at the mercy of a tyrannical CEO and his top lieutenants while navigating an ever-revolving series of disasters. Their only ally is Human... Comedy

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

Sunday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, COSMOS will explore how we discovered the laws of nature and found our coordinates in space and time. It will bring to life never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge and transport viewers to new worlds... Documentary

Cougar Town

Tuesday, 10:30 pm On TBS NEW!
Cougar Town focuses on a newly single 40-year-old mom Jules Cobb and her teenage son. In a small town of Florida, the most important thing is the Cougars high school football team, which is very appropriate since there are tons of divorces prowling in the area looking for... Comedy

Council of Dads

Thursday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
When Scott, a loving father of four, has his entire life's plan thrown into upheaval by a cancer diagnosis, he calls on a few of his closest allies to step in as back-up dads for every stage of his growing family's life. Scott assembles a trusted group of role models that... Drama


Sunday, 08:00 pm On Starz NEW!
The espionage thriller follows a man named Howard Silk, a lowly cog in the bureaucratic machinery of a Berlin-based UN spy agency. When Howard discovers that his organization safeguards the secret of a crossing into a parallel dimension, he is thrust into a shadow world of...

Country Comfort

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
When her career and personal life get derailed, an aspiring young country singer named Bailey takes a job as a nanny for a rugged cowboy named Beau and his five children. With a never-give up attitude and loads of Southern charm, this newbie-nanny is able to navigate the... Comedy


Monday, 08:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
On average, men and women think about sex every six seconds. Shorten that to every second, and you've got Coupling. This series centers around Susan and Steve (who are a couple), and Sally and Patrick join the gang as friends of Susan (and then Steve), while Steve pulls in... Comedy

Courting Alex

Monday, 09:30 pm On CBS NEW!
Alex Rose is a successful, single attorney who works with her father Bill at his law firm. Alex struggles with dating as she looks for love in the big city. Her father would love for her to settle down with her coworker Stephen, who is a star lawyer at the firm and is...

Covert Affairs

Thursday, 10:00 pm On USA Network NEW!
Covert Affairs centers on a young CIA trainee, Annie Walker, mysteriously summoned to headquarters for duty as field operative. While Annie believes she's been promoted for her exceptional linguistic skills, there may be something or someone from her past that her CIA...

Cowboy Bebop

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Set in the year 2071, the series focuses on the adventures of a ragtag group of bounty hunters chasing down criminals across the Solar System on the Bebop spaceship. They'll save the world... for the right... Science Fiction

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Monday, 05:00 pm On TV Tokyo NEW!
In the year 2071 humanity has colonized the entire Solar System through the use of 'Phase Difference Space Gates'. A catastrophic accident occurred during the development of the Gates, damaging both the Earth and the Moon, heavily irradiating the surface, and forcing most... Animation


Thursday, 11:59pm On CBS All Access NEW!
After 32 years as a border patrol agent, Ben Clemens is forced to work for the very people he spent his career trying to keep out of America. Now exposed to life on the other side of the wall, Ben begins to question his black and white views of the world, challenging his... Crime


Monday, 09:00 pm On CBC NEW!
A unique blend of a police and medical drama inspired by the real-life experiences of police officers and mental-health professionals, presenting a bold depiction of the psychological side of policing and the emotional impact on front-line workers and reflecting the reality... Crime


Friday, 10:00 pm On Starz NEW!
The lives of several very diverse people intersect and sometimes ignite in racially charged Southern California. Recurring characters include aging, self-destructive music producer Ben Cendars; Anthony Adams, Ben's street-smart driver; Christine Emory, an upscale wife and... Drama


Monday, 10:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
'Crashing' is a comedy drama that crashes straight into the lives and loves of six twenty-something adults living together as Property Guardians in a disused hospital. In amongst the asbestos and abandoned x-ray machines live sexually explosive estate agent Sam, frustrated... Comedy

Crashing (US)

Sunday, 10:30 pm On HBO NEW!
A standup comic discovers that his wife is unfaithful, leading him to reevaluate his life amidst the New York City comedy... Comedy

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Friday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
Rebecca Bunch is a successful, driven, and possibly crazy young woman who impulsively gives up everything - her partnership at a prestigious law firm and her upscale apartment in Manhattan - in a desperate attempt to find love and happiness in that exotic hotbed of romance... Comedy


Wednesday, 09:00 pm On E4 NEW!
Amy and Raquel attempt to navigate their way through the choppy waters of their early twenties whilst simultaneously kicking the ass of some seriously gnarly demons. What could possibly go... Supernatural

The Crazy Ones

Thursday, 09:30 pm On CBS NEW!
A workplace comedy about an advertising genius whose unorthodox methods and unpredictable behavior would get him fired... if he weren't the boss. Simon Roberts is the head of a powerful agency, with the biggest clients and brands in the world, but even more important to... Comedy

The Crew

Monday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Life in the garage swerves off track for a NASCAR crew chief and his tight-knit racing team when his owner decided to retire and let his daughter take over the his racing team, who brings in a "tech-reliant millennial" staff to shake things... Comedy


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A police procedural that takes place exclusively within the confines of a police interview suite, which focuses on the intense mental conflict between the police and their... Crime

Criminal Minds

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Criminal Minds revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers who analyse the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next move before they strike again. David Rossi comes out of retirement to help the the Behavioral Analysis Unit lead by Aaron... Crime

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
The specialized International Division of the FBI is tasked with solving crimes and coming to the rescue of Americans who find themselves in danger while abroad. Heading the department is Unit Chief Jack Garrett, a seasoned 20-year veteran of the Bureau. The team he... Crime

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
An elite team of agents within the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit use unconventional methods of investigation and aggressive tactics to capture the nation's most nefarious criminals. Unit chief Special Agent Sam Cooper is a mentally and physically fierce natural leader... Crime


Sunday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
It's field trip day for the students of Ballard High School, a place that educates the children of Washington, D.C'.s elite, top-of-their-industry CEOs, international diplomats, political power players and even the president's son. But when their bus is ambushed on a...


Friday, 08:30 pm On ABC NEW!
In her sixth year of law school, Cristela is finally on the brink of landing her first big (unpaid) internship at a prestigious law firm. The only problem is that her pursuit of success is more ambitious than her traditional Mexican-American family thinks is appropriate.... Comedy


Tuesday, 09:00 pm On Sky 1 NEW!
The Major Trauma Centre is a state-of-the-art unit which treats only the most gravely ill or seriously injured. Whether that patient lives or dies is determined by knife-edge decisions and procedures, but can the diverse team of medical professionals knit together and rise...

Critters: A New Binge

Thursday, 08:00 pm On Shudder NEW!
The Critters return to Earth searching for a lost friend that was left behind. They land in Burbank and soon torment a group of high-schoolers and their... Science Fiction


Friday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
It's 1715 on the Bahamian island of New Providence, the first functioning democracy in the Americas, where the diabolical pirate Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard, reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors. Part shantytown, part marauder's paradise... Action

The Crossing

Monday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Refugees from a war-torn country start showing up to seek asylum in an American town. Only the country these people are from is America and the war they are fleeing is 250 years in the future. The local sheriff with a past, a federal agent and a mother in search of her... Science Fiction

Crossing Jordan

Monday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
The Boston Medical Examiners office brings us Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who is fearless, smart and sexy. Dr. Garret Macy is Chief Medical Examiner and it is his job to keep Dr. Cavanaugh in check. With her methods a little on the unorthodox side her relationship with... Action

Crossing Lines

Sunday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Set in exotic locations around Europe, "Crossing Lines" follows a disgraced New York cop, who finds redemption after joining an international police unit based at the International Criminal Court in the Hague that investigates cross-border crimes and hunts down brutal... Crime


Sunday, 09:30 pm On NBC NEW!
No more sex, booze and paying the bills naked. After 20 years of parenting, empty nesters Mike and Martina are finally reclaiming their wild side. But when both of their two grown daughters unexpectedly move back in and Mike's parents scratch their plans to spend their... Comedy

The Crowded Room

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
The series follows Danny Sullivan after he was arrested for his involvement in a New York City shooting in 1979. Danny unveils his life through a series of interviews with interrogator Rya Goodwin, and slowly details to Rya, and the audience, his mysterious past that led... Crime


Friday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Crusoe tells the story of young Robinson Crusoe as he leaves the love of his life to set out on an adventure. When the trip takes a turn for the worst, Crusoe ends up shipwrecked on a tropical island, detached from the only life he's known. Stranded, his friendship with... Action

The Cry

Sunday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
The disappearance of a baby from a small coastal town in Australia is the catalyst for a journey into the disintegrating psychology of a young couple as they deal with an unthinkable tragedy under both the white light of public scrutiny and behind closed... Drama


Sunday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, its reputation for providing instant success for those willing to try their luck draws in the hopeful and the naive. This constant influx of visitors also provides ripe targets for criminals of all varieties, confident they will never be... Crime

CSI: Cyber

Sunday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Inspired by the work of Irish cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken, CSI: Cyber centers on Avery Ryan, Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in Quantico, VA, who is tasked with solving major crimes that start in the mind, live online, and play out into the... Crime

CSI: Miami

Sunday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation took television by storm in 2000 with its innovative and cutting-edge updating of a standard series concept - in this case, the cop show. Suddenly, instead of simply whodunit, solving crimes was a matter of howdunit, and with what size shoe... Crime

CSI: New York

Friday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Det. Mack "Mac" Taylor, a dedicated and driven crime-scene investigator who believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story, is a decorated Marine who served in Desert Storm and dabbled in war photography. The job is his life; he focuses on cases until they... Crime


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On BBC THREE NEW!
When Ken and Lorna collect their daughter Rachel from the airport, they're horrified to learn that she's returned from her gap year with more than just a henna tattoo and braids in her hair. At the arrival gate, she promptly introduces them to her new husband, Cuckoo -... Comedy


Thursday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Original drama series from Russell T Davies exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life, beginning with the most disastrous date night in... Drama


Wednesday, 08:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
Set in Brighton, the show aims to explore the rollercoaster of being a police officer in the UK by examining the relationships between the officers and detectives and the impact that this job has on their personal... Drama


Friday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
Investigative journalist Jeff Sefton has learned to laugh off his brother Nate's relentless string of obsessions, especially his latest rant that a hit TV show intends to harm him. However, when his brother mysteriously disappears, Jeff takes Nate's paranoia seriously, and... Crime

The Cuphead Show!

Saturday, 08:00 pm On Netflix NEW!
Follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but persuadable brother Mugman in this animated series based on the hit video... Animation


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
New York's new resident, Cupid, must orchestrate 100 happily-ever-afters before he is allowed to return home to Mount Olympus, punishment from the Gods for the current sorry state of love. Sent without his trademark bow and arrow, Cupid must learn what really makes love... Fantasy


Friday, 09:00 pm On Sky1 NEW!
In the near future, Earth is overwhelmed by an unstoppable virus of unknown origin. To protect the population from the virus sweeping across the United Kingdom, a totalitarian government impose a curfew in which anyone caught out between 7pm to 7am will be put into...


Wednesday, 11.59pm On Netflix NEW!
A mother and her teen kids return to her mysterious hometown village in Northern Italy only to discover what lies below the surface of her past....


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue, a young heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. After her mother's death, she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a young mercenary, in a... Fantasy

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Tuesday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
In a dystopia riddled with corruption and cybernetic implants, a talented but reckless street kid strives to become a mercenary outlaw - an... Animation
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