Corner Gas is about the lives of the people who live in Dog River and hang around the only gas station and restaurant in town. The cast of characters includes Brent LeRoy, the owner of Corner Gas and chronic comic book reader; his assistant at the station, Wanda Dollard, who is just a little too well educated to be stuck where she is, but doesn't seem to mind it; Hank Yarbo, Brent's friend from his school days whose hobbies consist of hanging out at the gas station and drinking coffee; Lacey Burrows, a big-city girl who's a little out of place in small town Saskatchewan; Brent's parents, Oscar and Emma LeRoy, who bicker all the time, but when push comes to shove, they're there for each other; and the town constabulary, Davis Quinton and Karen Pelly, who seem to get into more trouble than they stop.

Corner Gas Ended after Season 6

CTV Canada aired the final episode on Monday 13th April 2009

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