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[ T ] - Currently Airing Shows


Saturday, 09:15 pm On BBC One NEW!
Set in 1813, Taboo follows James Keziah Delaney who returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds and seeking to avenge his father's death. Refusing to sell the family business to the East India Company, he sets out to build his own trade and shipping empire and finds... Drama

Tacoma FD

Thursday, 10:30 pm On truTV NEW!
In a firehouse in one of America's rainiest cities that is light on blazes that need extinguishing, its crew keeps themselves entertained with creative competitions, friendly first responder rivalries, and bizarre emergency... Comedy

The Tailor

Tuesday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A famous tailor begins to sew a wedding dress for his best friend's fiance - but all three have dark secrets that will soon upend their... Drama


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On BET NEW!
Hip-hop. Money. Fame. Deception. Murder. All collide in this scripted anthology series of 'song stories' weaving classic and current hip-hop songs into captivating visual narratives from the lyrics of some of hip-hop's greatest hits.... Drama

Tales of the Tardis

Wednesday, 06:00 am On BBC iPlayer NEW!
Doctors and old friends reunite to remember their travels in time and space, from the dawn of human history to distant alien worlds. And everywhere they go, they find adventure, terror, chases, joy and monsters.... Documentary

Tales of the Walking Dead

Monday, 11:59 pm On AMC NEW!
Anthology series made up of standalone hours focused on new and already-introduced characters from the...

Talking Dead

Sunday, 10:00 pm On AMC NEW!
"Talking Dead", the network's first live after-show that serves as a platform for discussion for AMC's series, "The Walking Dead". The half-hour episodes are produced by Michael Davies' Embassy Row and are hosted by Chris Hardwick. "Talking Dead" features Hardwick... Talk Show


Thursday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, he will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five celebrity contestants. At the end of the series, who will be crowned the Taskmaster... Comedy

Teen Titans Go!

Monday, 06:00 pm On Cartoon Network NEW!
Teen Titans Go! features the return of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg in all-new, comedic adventures. Character-driven comedy is the order of the day as this new take on the super hero series focuses on the funny business that happens between saving the world... Animation


Monday, 09:15 pm On Kan 11 NEW!
Tamar is a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran's nuclear reactor. But when her mission fails and she's trapped in a new life, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in... Drama

Tell Me Everything

Sunday, 11:59 pm On ITVX NEW!
16-year-old Jonny Murphy is trying his best to navigate through this world. Growing up hasn't been easy, and although loved by his friends and family, Jonny suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety which he does his best to hide. So when he is faced with the most... Drama

Tell Me Lies

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
When Lucy Albright arrives on the campus of her small college, away from her mother whom she's never forgiven for an act of betrayal in her early teen years, Lucy embraces college life and all it has to offer. But everything changes when she meets Stephen DeMarco, who has a... Drama


Friday, 09:00 pm On Sky1 NEW!
Deep below the streets of London, descending past Temple tube in the beating heart of the city, lies a dark secret. An illegal clinic has been set up in an abandoned subterranean network of tunnels. Daniel is a surgeon driven by personal tragedy to treat anyone who is... Comedy

Ten Pound Poms

Sunday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
You can make your own world when you leave the past behind. Swapping dreary 50s Britain for a bright future Down Under, the new arrivals find a fresh start can come at a...

The Terminal List

Saturday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Navy SEAL Commander James Reece turns to vengeance after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed while on a covert mission. Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his culpability. As new evidence comes to light... Action

That '90s Show

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Hello, Wisconsin! It's 1995 and Leia Forman, daughter of Eric and Donna, is visiting her grandparents for the summer where she bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty and the stern glare of Red. Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll never dies... Comedy

That Dirty Black Bag

Thursday, 11:59 pm On AMC+ NEW!
A raw, epic and romantic spaghetti western series about the dark side of the Far West. The story describes the eight-day clash between Arthur McCoy an incorruptible sheriff with a troubled past, and Red Bill, an infamous, solitary bounty hunter known for decapitating his... Drama

Thicker Than Water

Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Right when she's about to get the professional opportunity of her life, journalist Fara must reunite with her sisters to rescue their troublesome brother. The sisters end up in an unexpected spiral as they get entangled in their brother's big drug business... while keeping... Crime

This Fool

Friday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
Julio Lopez, a self-described 'punk-ass bitch', still lives at home and goes out of his way to help everyone but himself. While working at a gang rehabilitation non-profit, Julio embarks on a quest to overcome his codependency issues with his family as he navigates... Comedy

This Way Up

Thursday, 10:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Aine is a smart English-as-a-foreign language teacher trying to pull her life back together after a 'teeny little nervous breakdown'. Despite this, Aine puts on a brave face for her... Comedy

Tierra Incognita

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Disney+ NEW!
After his parents mysteriously disappeared eight years ago, young Eric Dalaras embarks on a search for the truth and enters a frightening world. He and his sister Uma grew up with their maternal grandparents. Eric decides to leave his homeland to return to the place of his... Supernatural

Tiny Toons Looniversity

Sunday, 11:59 pm On HBO Max NEW!
Follow the Tiny Toon characters' comedic ambitions all the way to Acme Looniversity, the esteemed institution of higher high-jinks learning, where young dreamers become professional toons. Here they form long-lasting friendships with one another and perfect their cartoony... Animation

Toast of Tinseltown

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
Tortured thespian Steven Toast relocates to the ultimate actor's playground - Hollywood. Surely this time he will get the adulation he so richly deserves.... Comedy

Tokyo Vice

Thursday, 11:59 pm On HBO Max NEW!
Based on Jake Adelstein's non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat. The drama captures Adelstein's daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they... Crime

The Tonight Show [Fallon]

Monday, 11:35 pm On NBC NEW!
Jay Leno is due to depart his seat as anchor of 'The Tonight Show' after the coverage of the Winter Olympics in February 2014. Jimmy Fallon will then move away from his 'Late Night' slot to the earlier slot. Lorne Michaels will executive produce the show which will air from... Talk Show

Top Boy

Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
A thrilling and raw drama about young lives lived on the edge in east London - an honest and gripping rendition of inner-city drug and gang... Crime

Top Chef

Thursday, 10:00 pm On Bravo NEW!
Top Chef is a reality show unlike any other while it searches for the world's next top chef. Each week this talented group of chefs, professionally trained and self-taught, will be challenged and judged by some of the best known chefs in the industry. Over the course of the...

Top Chef Family Style

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Peacock NEW!
Top Chef Family Style is another spinoff of the long-running Bravo cooking competition, which will feature young competitors paired up with adult family members. Meghan Trainor, who once sang, 'I never learned to cook / But I can write a hook' on her 2014 song 'Dear Future... Reality

Top Gear

Sunday, 08:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
BBC's hit motoring show is more than just a show to review new cars. Top Gear is essential viewing. Not just for petrol heads, it also has a huge following amongst people with little or no interest in cars - both male and female. This is due to the show's irreverent...

Top Gear America

Sunday, 08:00 pm On BBC America NEW!
Top Gear America will review not just exclusive and state-of-the-art vehicles, but also the cars of America's culture-defining past. From the latest supercars to the ultimate in automotive engineering technology, Top Gear America will put the viewer in the passenger seat...


Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
When 27-year-old Tore loses the most important person in his life in a garbage truck accident, he does everything he can to suppress his grief. During the days, he continues to work at his father's funeral home as if nothing has happened and starts flirting with the new... Comedy


Friday, 11:59pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
In 1965, in the middle of the Cold War, Francis Mareuil, a French scientist, is getting ready to become a spy. During his work for the french security services and the CIA, he meets Lyudmila Goloubeva, a pianist forced to work with the KGB. This is the beginning of a love... Drama

The Tourist

Saturday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
When a man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory, he must use the few clues he has to discover his identity before his past catches up with... Drama


Monday, 09:00 pm On UKTV Drama NEW!
While attending an online forensic course, young lab assistant discovers that the fictitious case study has a link to her past. With a help of two female professors she works on bringing a killer to... Crime

Trailer Park Boys: Jail

Friday, 11:59 pm On Swearnet NEW!
It's been peaceful and tranquil in Sunnyvale Trailer Park lately, but that's because The Boys aren't there. Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are back... in... Comedy

Transformers: EarthSpark

Friday, 11:59 pm On Paramount+ NEW!
Many years after the end of the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, the Malto family relocates from Philadelphia to the small town of Witwicky, Pennsylvania. There, young Robby and Mo Malto witness the birth of a new breed of Transformers called Terrans, who... Animation


Wednesday, 09:00 pm On CTV NEW!
The series tells the story of an ER doctor who fled his native Syria to come to Canada, where he must overcome numerous obstacles to resume a career in the high stakes world of emergency... Drama

Trigger Point

Sunday, 09:00 pm On ITV NEW!
The series turns the spotlight on counter terrorism policing and the extraordinary work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad. When a terrorist campaign threatens the capital over the summer, the Expos are at the forefront of urgent efforts to find out who is... Crime


Sunday, 08:30 pm On ABC NEW!
An ex-cop falsely accused of committing a disturbing crime escapes to hide away in the tropics of Far North Queensland. As he tries to avoid discovery, he's drawn into investigating a wild murder and a missing person, alongside a complicated woman, with dark secrets of her... Crime

True Detective

Sunday, 10:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Season 3: In 1980, Detective Hays, a state policeman in northwest Arkansas, is tasked with finding two missing children, whose parents, Tom and Lucy, are broken-down, regretful screw-up's, mostly interested in blaming each other for their loss. Wayne is accompanied by his... Crime

Try Hard

Sunday, 11:59 pm On Viaplay NEW!
Sebastian is 24 years old, lives at home and spends all his time playing 'Counter-Strike'. When his parents finally throw him out, Sebastian needs to start earning a living for the first time - and what could be better than starting a professional gaming team with his... Comedy


Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
All Jason and Nikki want is a baby, but it's the one thing they just can't have. So, they decide to adopt. With their dysfunctional friends, screwball family, and chaotic lives will the adoption panel think they're ready to be... Comedy

Tulsa King

Sunday, 11:59 pm On Paramount+ NEW!
Just after he is released from prison after 25 years, New York mafia capo Dwight 'The General' Manfredi is unceremoniously exiled by his boss to set up shop in Tulsa, Okla. Realizing that his mob family may not have his best interests in mind, Dwight slowly builds a 'crew'... Crime

Turn of the Tide

Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
When a boat loaded with cocaine sinks off his home island, Eduardo sees a risky but exciting opportunity to make money and fulfill impossible... Drama


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On BET NEW!
Hattie, a queer black woman in her twenties, and her two straight best friends, Marie and Nia, try to find their footing in life, love, and the entertainment industry in Los... Comedy

Twisted Metal

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Peacock NEW!
A high-octane action comedy about a motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can successfully deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With the help of a trigger-happy car thief, he'll face savage marauders driving... Action

Two Doors Down

Monday, 10:00 pm On BBC Two NEW!
Comedy centred around a couple and their insufferable... Comedy

Tyler Perry's Bruh

Thursday, 11:59 pm On BET+ NEW!
This dramedy follows four longtime friends as they navigate life and relationships through the strength of their brother-like bond. In a society where relationships between men of color are often misjudged and misrepresented, the series embraces male vulnerability versus... Comedy

Tyler Perry's Ruthless

Thursday, 11:59 pm On BET+ NEW!
The series tells the riveting story of a woman named Ruth who kidnaps her young daughter to join her in the dark underworld of a fanatical religious... Drama

Tyler Perry's Zatima

Thursday, 11:59 pm On BET+ NEW!
Zac and Fatima take a huge step to strengthen their bond, but new friends and past actions interfere with their blossoming... Drama

[ T ] - Shows Cancelled or Have Ended


Friday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
The the origin story of younger, hungrier, former Green Beret Bryan Mills as he deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world. As he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge, Mills is pulled into a career as a deadly CIA operative, a job that awakens his very... Action

Take Two

Thursday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Sam Swift is the former star of a hit cop series who's fresh-out-of-rehab following a bender of epic proportion. Desperate to restart her career, she talks her way into shadowing rough-and-tumble private investigator Eddie as research for a potential comeback role.... Crime

Tales from the Loop

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Explores the town and people who live above 'The Loop' a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe - making things possible that were previously consigned to the realm of science... Drama

Tangled: The Series

Friday, 07:30 pm On Disney Channel NEW!
Six months after escaping Mother Gothel and reuniting with her birth parents, King Frederic and Queen Arianna of Corona, Princess Rapunzel is unable to properly adjust due to her father's constant protection. When she and her handmaiden Cassandra sneak out of the castle... Animation

The Taste

Thursday, 08:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Sixteen competitors, from pro chefs to home cooks, whip up dishes attempting to impress four of the world's most notable chefs. The catch all the dishes will be judged their creations in a blind taste test. In this pressure-packed contest, the taste in a single spoonful can...


Sunday, 10:00 pm On BBC three NEW!
Tatau follows Kyle and Budgie, two twenty-something friends from London that set off to travel the world. Ahead of the journey, Kyle gets a Maori-style tattoo to celebrate their eventual destination: the Cook Islands. When snorkeling in a lagoon, Kyle finds the dead body... Crime

Taxi Brooklyn

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Taxi: Brooklyn South centers on Caitlyn Sullivan, a brilliant investigator at the Brooklyn Police Station whose stubborn character and her recklessness behind the wheel have made her an outcast within the NYPD. She teams with Marseille-born Leo Romba, a happy New York Taxi... Comedy

Teachers (2016)

Tuesday, 10:30 pm On TV Land NEW!
Written by and starring acclaimed comedy troupe The Katydids, Teachers shows their hilariously warped perspective as six elementary school teachers trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren't really... Comedy

Ted Lasso

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas, is unexpectedly recruited to coach an English Premier League team, AFC Richmond, despite having no experience at all in association... Comedy

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
After joining forces with a veteran bounty hunter, sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling and Blair dive into the world of bail skipping baddies, while still navigating the high stakes of teenage life, love and sex at an elite Southern high... Comedy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sunday, 09:00 am On Nickelodeon NEW!
The turtles emerge from their hidden lair in the sewers for the very first time, ready to confront the wondrous and hostile world of New York City and face enemies more dangerous and pizza more delicious than anything they could have imagined. Along the way, they gain a... Animation

Teen Wolf

Sunday, 08:00 pm On MTV NEW!
Always an outsider and often unnoticed, Scott McCall yearns to be recognized in some small way that takes him out of his typical state of high school anonymity. When his best friend, Stiles, convinces him to go into the woods one night to join a police search for a dead... Supernatural

Tekken: Bloodline

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Jin Kazama learned the family self-defense arts, Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts, from his mother at an early age. Even so, he was powerless when a monstrous evil suddenly appeared, destroying everything dear to him, changing his life forever. Angry at himself for... Animation


Monday, 08:30 pm On NBC NEW!
If you think the steamy sex, sensational scandals and wrenching heartbreak on Latino soap operas are a little extreme, just wait until you see what happens behind the scenes. Ana Sofia is a sizzling TV superstar and her lively family of cast and crew all competing to steal... Comedy

Tell Me a Story

Thursday, 10:00 pm On CBS All Access NEW!
The world's most beloved fairy tales re-imagined as a dark and twisted psychological thriller. Set in modern day New York City, the first season of this serialised drama interweaves The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel into an epic and...

Tell Me Your Secrets

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
A complex thriller revolving around three characters, each with a mysterious and troubling past: Emma is a young woman who once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer, John is a former serial predator desperate to find redemption, and Mary is a grieving mother obsessed... Crime

Ten Days in the Valley

Saturday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Jane Sadler is an overworked television producer and single mother in the middle of a fractious separation. When her young daughter goes missing in the middle of the night, Jane's world - and her controversial police TV show - implodes. Life imitates art: everything is a... Crime

Ten Percent

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
A London talent agency where agents scramble to keep their star clients happy and their business afloat after the sudden death of their... Comedy

Terra Nova

Monday, 08:00 pm On FOX NEW!
In the year 2149 the planet earth is a mess, most of the plant and animal life has become extinct. Scientists can't reverse the damage but find a way to travel back to prehistoric times to save the human race. Among the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers in Terra Nova is the... Science Fiction


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On FX NEW!
Terriers centers on Hank Dolworth, an ex-cop who partners with his best friend Britt Pollack to launch an unlicensed private investigation business. As Hank and Britt struggle with maturity issues, the duo solve crimes while avoiding professional dangers and personal... Drama

The Terror

Monday, 09:00 pm On AMC NEW!
Season 2: Set during World War II, a series of bizarre deaths haunt a Japanese American community, and a young man's journey to understand and combat the malevolent entity that is responsible. Chester Nakayama and his friends and family from Terminal Island, Calif., face...


Thursday, 10:30 pm On FX NEW!
Testees is a comedy about two friends in their early thirties who act as medical guinea... Comedy

Texas Rising

Monday, 09:00 pm On HISTORY NEW!
Texas Rising details the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers. Sam Houston is the 'father of Texas'. He is joined by Billy Anderson, a Texas Ranger with Comanche Indian ties; Lorca, an Alamo survivor seeking brutal revenge; 'Deaf'... Drama

TFI Friday

Friday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
TFI Friday was an entertainment show broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom from 1996 to 2000. It has been renewed for a 20th Anniversary series in... Talk Show

Thai Cave Rescue

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The series is based on the events of the Tham Luang cave rescue that occurred in Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non National Park during June and July 2018, in which twelve members of the Wild Boars youth football team and their assistant coach were rescued from the flooded Tham... Drama

That 70s Show

Thursday, 08:00 pm On FOX NEW!
Too cool for the Wisconsin suburbs where he lives under the authority of his parents - Red and Kitty - 18-year-old Eric Forman yearns for his independence. But rites of passage aren't all that easy at a time when jumpsuits and platforms are the epitome of cool. Just ask... Comedy

The Thick of It

Saturday, 10:00 pm On BBC TWO NEW!
Set in the corridors of power and spin, the series follows the career of Hugh Abbot, the new Minister for Social Affairs, who is continually harassed by Number 10's policy enforcer and dependent on his not-so-reliable team of civil... Comedy

The Thing About Pam

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
The series is based on the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria that resulted in her husband Russ's conviction. He insisted he had not killed her, and his conviction was later overturned. This brutal crime set off a chain of events that would expose a diabolical scheme deeply... Crime

The Third Day

Monday, 09:00 pm On HBO NEW!
The Third Day follows Sam, who after being drawn to a mysterious Island off the British Coast, is thrown into the unusual world of its secretive inhabitants. Isolated from the mainland, the rituals of the island begin to overwhelm him, and he is confronted by a trauma from... Drama

This England

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On Sky Atlantic NEW!
This England charts the events surrounding British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government in the face of the first wave of the global...

This Is England

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
A spin-off from the 2006 film This Is England, and set three years later, it focuses on the mod revival scene rather than the skinhead subculture. Like the film, This Is England stars Thomas Turgoose as Shaun, although Lol and Woody play an even more central role. The... Drama

This Is Us

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
This refreshingly honest and provocative series follows a unique ensemble. And as their paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways, we find that several of them share the same birthday - and so much more than anyone would... Drama

Those Who Kill

Sunday, 10:00 pm On Lifetime Movie Network NEW!
When murders are not grounded in traditional motives and patterns of behavior, it takes a very particular kind of person to catch the serial killer; someone who knows and understands the killer's dark side and the fantasies that plague him. Someone like Catherine Jensen... Action

Three Moons Over Milford

Sunday, 08:00 pm On ABC Family NEW!
Set in a small town reflecting the world's reaction to a cosmic explosion threatening Earth's existence, the residents of Milford have taken their lives to the extreme: quitting jobs, indulging vices and basically living as if each day were their last. The Davis family... Drama

Three Pines

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his team investigate a series of perplexing murders, in the seemingly idyllic village of Three Pines and uncover the buried secrets of its eccentric residents. In the process, Gamache is forced to confront buried secrets of his own.... Crime

Three Rivers

Sunday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Three Rivers is a medical drama that goes inside the emotionally complex lives of organ donors, the recipients and the surgeons at the preeminent transplant hospital in the country where every moment counts. However, dealing with donor families in their darkest hour and... Drama


Monday, 09:30 pm On Comedy Central UK NEW!
Threesome is a comedy about three inseparable friends on the verge of 30. Alice lives with her boyfriend Mitch and their gay best friend Richie. Together they form three points of an unlikely triangle, living, laughing and larging it up together. After one particularly... Comedy


Friday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
A team of experts are assembled when the U.S. Navy makes a chilling discovery: an extra terrestrial craft has landed in the mid-Atlantic ocean. Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey is a government contingency analyst whose job is to devise response plans for worst-case scenarios. In a... Science Fiction

Through the Wormhole

Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Science Channel NEW!
Academy Award-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman executive produces, hosts and narrates this exploration of the greatest mysteries of the universe. This new series, produced by Freeman's Revelations Entertainment, seeks the answers to the big questions: Are... Documentary

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Saturday, 08:30 am On ITV NEW!
In the 21st century, Jeff Tracy, a former astronaut, amasses a colossal fortune and decides that he must use it to benefit others. His answer to this desire is to create International Rescue, a unique private emergency response service equipped with customized designed... Animation


Saturday, 09:30 am On Cartoon Network NEW!
After Thundera is attacked by the lizard people, Lion-O leads the ThunderCats on a quest for the Book of Omens, the one artifact that could guide them to victory. But he'll have to face villains like the ancient evil sorceror Mumm-Ra and the dangerous lizard general Slythe.... Animation

Tia & Tamera

Sunday, 08:00 pm On Style NEW!
Tia and Tamera are back working together. In this show it features Tia's married life and Tamera's dating situation. The lives of twin actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry and their families are... Reality

The Tick

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a super villain. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero. **NOTE: Even though Amazon...


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
When the body of a local fisherman washes ashore near the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay, a former criminal who recently returned home must uncover the town's secrets while investigating its strange inhabitants, who are a group of dangerous half-sirens, half-humans... Fantasy

Ties That Bind

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On UP NEW!
Allison McLean is a tough and experienced police detective in suburban Seattle. Like most working women, her hands are already full, balancing a demanding and dangerous job and a family - husband Matt, and teenagers Jeff and Rachel. But when she and her partner, Devin, must... Drama

Tiger King

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The story of the murder-for-hire plot that led to the arrest of Joe Exotic, a gun-toting polygamist who presided over an Oklahoma animal... Documentary

Til Death

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
A comedy about middle-aged Eddie and Joy, who are on day 8,743 of their marriage and have the battle scars to prove it. Their new next-door neighbors are young newlyweds Steph and Jeff - idealistic, passionate, adorable and married for all of 12 days. It's a show about new... Comedy


Sunday, 09:00 pm On BBC One NEW!
Mark Cobden is newly-imprisoned, consumed by guilt for his crime, and way out of his depth in the volatile world of prison life. Then he meets Eric McNally, an excellent prison officer doing his best to protect those in his... Drama

Time After Time

Sunday, 09:00 pm On ABC NEW!
Time After Time chronicles the adventures of a young H.G. Wells, as he travels through centuries, decades and days in the time machine he created. In the pursuit of the charismatic (yet secretly psychopathic) Dr. John Stevenson, better known as "Jack the Ripper", Wells... Science Fiction


Sunday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
A mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, a soldier and a history professor, who must use the machine's prototype to travel back in... Science Fiction

The Time Traveler's Wife

Sunday, 09:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Henry is an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift, a gene that allows him to travel through time involuntarily. Claire, his wife, finds it difficult to cope with his... Fantasy

Time Warp

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On Discovery Channel NEW!
Do you know how your dog uses its tongue to drink? In what exact way a face contorts when punched by a UFC contender? What happens when an egg falls into the pinwheeling blades of a fan? Or an apple is hit with a bullet? Likely, with nothing but your naked eye to guide...

Tin Star

Thursday, 08:00 pm On Sky Atlantic NEW!
Former London undercover police detective Jim Worth is the seemingly gentle police chief of Little Big Bear, a small town at the edge of the Canadian Rockies, where his family of four has moved to escape his violent past. But, thanks to a chief of security for North Stream... Crime

Tiny Beautiful Things

Friday, 11:59 pm On Hulu NEW!
A woman reluctantly becomes Dear Sugar - an anonymous, revered advice columnist - when her own life is falling apart. Told in multiple timelines with astonishing intimacy, nerve and candor, she excavates the beauty, struggle and humor in her own life to show us that we are... Drama

Tiny Pretty Things

Monday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The world of an elite ballet academy and charts the rise and fall of young adults who live far from their homes, each standing on the verge of greatness or... Drama

The Titan Games

Monday, 08:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Inspired by Dwayne Johnson's desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential both mentally and physically, this inspiring new athletic competition series offers everyday people the opportunity to step inside the Titan arena and achieve the impossible. Every...


Friday, 11:59 pm On HBO Max NEW!
Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team...

Toast of London

Sunday, 10:40 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Steven Toast is a middle-aged actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with his problems off stage rather than performing on it. Toast lives with his friend Ed Howzer-Black. The other regular characters are his useless agent Jane Plough, and his acting... Comedy


Sunday, 10:30 pm On HBO NEW!
Comedy about two couples living under the same roof who struggle to keep their relationships alive while pursuing their individual dreams.... Comedy


Thursday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
A true-blue New Yorker, Abigail "Tommy" Thomas uses her unflinching honesty and hardball tactics to keep social, political and national security issues from hindering effective law enforcement in the Southland. Tommy steps into her new job surrounded by her predecessor's... Crime

The Tomorrow People

Monday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
They are the next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities - the Tomorrow People. Stephen Jameson stands at the crossroads between the world we know and the shifting world of the future. Up until a year ago, Stephen was a "normal"... Action

Tom Swift

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On The CW NEW!
As an exceptionally brilliant inventor with unlimited resources and unimaginable wealth, the devilishly charming Tom Swift is a man who many men would kill to be, or be with - a man with the world in the palm of his hand. But that world gets shaken to its core after the... Action

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 10:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Jay Leno follows in the footsteps of legendary NBC late-night hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. Having celebrated the show's 11th anniversary in May 2003, Leno has created his own unique late-night style with a combination of humor, talk and entertainment each... Talk Show

The Tonight Show [Leno]

Monday, 11:35 pm On NBC NEW!
Jay Leno follows in the footsteps of legendary NBC late-night hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. Having celebrated the show's 11th anniversary in May 2003, Leno has created his own unique late-night style with a combination of humor, talk and entertainment each... Talk Show

Too Close to Home

Monday, 10:00 pm On TLC NEW!
Anna is from a working class life who, after having an affair with the President of the United States, becomes the center of a political scandal. When the scandal erupts, she returns to her trailer-park... Drama

Too Old to Die Young

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
A grieving police officer who, along with the man who shot his partner, finds himself in an underworld filled with working-class hit men, Yakuza soldiers, cartel assassins sent from Mexico, Russian mafia captains and gangs of teen... Crime

Top Gear (US)

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On History Channel NEW!
Featuring super-cars, extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews and celebrity interviews, Top Gear is the home for anyone with a love of cars. The U.S. version will be chock-full of high-adrenaline action entertainment as it tracks the colorful history of the automobile as...

Top of the Lake

Monday, 10:00 pm On Sundance NEW!
Bringing to screen a unique landscape - remote, mountainous New Zealand - "Top of the Lake" is a powerful and haunting story about our search for happiness in a paradise where honest work is hard to find. A twelve-year-old girl stands chest deep in a frozen lake. She is... Drama

Top Shot

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On History Channel NEW!
Sixteen skilled marksmen compete for the title and a $100,000 prize package in this first-ever competition series from History. Each week one contestant is eliminated as they face both individual and team challenges that involve not only modern-day firearms but... Reality


Friday, 10:00 pm On Starz NEW!
Torchwood follows Captain Jack Harkness, a man from the 51st century trapped in the past. Finding himself drawn into alien conspiracies he works for Torchwood, a top secret British government agency whose job it is to investigate alien goings on in the world, and to act as... Science Fiction


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On Comedy Central NEW!
With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekly, topical series. Tosh.0 goes deep into the Web, spinning commentary about blogs and vlogs both... Comedy

Totally Completely Fine

Thursday, 11:59 pm On Stan NEW!
Vivian Cunningham is about to end it all. She can't pay her bills and likes alcohol more than she likes herself. When she climbs into a bathtub with her hairdryer, her mind's made up. Then the phone rings. The grandad she's avoided for years has died in his sleep and left... Comedy


Friday, 09:00 pm On FOX NEW!
"Touch" is a preternatural drama where science and spirituality meet in which we are all interconnected. The show follows a group of unrelated characters. One of these is Martin Bohm, a widower and a single father who is haunted by an inability to connect to his mute and... Drama

Traffic Light

Tuesday, 09:30 pm On FOX NEW!
Three longtime friends attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable: to balance their relationships with their need for freedom. ETHAN is the perpetual bachelor. He loves women, and when he's in, he's all in - at least for three weeks. Charming, genuine and hopelessly... Comedy

Trailer Park Boys

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Ricky and Julian are two guys whose lives were shaped by their experiences growing up in the Trailer Park. Their childhood was typical of most trailer park kids - stealing, fighting, smoking, drinking, scamming and listening to Van Halen. The Boys have had their share of... Comedy

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Nova Scotia's favorite miscreants have always been super sketchy. Now, carrying on from the Trailer Park Boys Season 12 finale, the boys have become complete... Animation

Training Day

Saturday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Frank Rourke heads LAPD's Special Investigation Section (SIS), a unit that goes after the worst of the worst. There's just one problem: Frank is almost as corrupt as those he chases. His behavior hasn't gone unnoticed however, and the untainted Kyle Craig is brought in to... Crime


Sunday, 09:00 pm On Channel 4 NEW!
Set in 1945 London, Traitors is the dangerous, enthralling story of Feef, who is seduced by a rogue American spy into spying on her own country. Her task? To uncover a Russian agent in the heart of the British... Action


Friday, 11:59pm On Netflix NEW!
Two Americans and their allies form a scrappy rescue operation in 1940 Marseilles to help artists, writers and other refugees fleeing Europe during...

Transformers: Cyberverse

Sunday, 07:00 am On Cartoon Network NEW!
When Bumblebee can't remember what his current mission on Earth is, Windblade repairs his memory chips, enabling him to rediscover his past adventures on Cybertron. When his memories are being repaired, Bumblebee gets a clue that will lead both him and Windblade to complete... Animation

Transformers: Prime

Friday, 07:30 pm On HUB NEW!
Roll out with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and the rest of the heroic Autobots as they battle the evil Decepticons. Now that big bad Megatron has returned with a mysterious and dangerous element, Team Prime must prepare for an epic battle. But... Animation

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Saturday, 09:30 am On Cartoon Network NEW!
Bumblebee is summoned to save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons and assembles a rogue team of young Autobots that includes a rebel bad boy bot, an elite guard cadet, a bombastic Dinobot and hyperactive Mini-Con to capture their new enemies. Each new bot is a fully... Animation

Transformers: War For Cybertron

Tuesday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
The war that has torn apart their home planet of Cybertron is at a tipping point. Two leaders, Optimus Prime and Megatron, both want to save their world and unify their people, but only on their own terms. Outnumbered, outgunned, and under siege, the battle-weary Autobots... Animation


Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
"Transparent" centers on Mort who gathers his three adult kids - Ali, Sarah and Joshua - for a talk about the future, but everyone is shocked to learn that it's not a financial inheritance at stake, but rather the complex legacy of a secret life as a transgender.... Comedy


Friday, 09:00 pm On Movie Central NEW!
Based on the successful film franchise of the same name, this fast-paced series follows the adventures of professional transporter Frank Martin, who can always be counted on to get the job done - discreetly. Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and... Action


Monday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, Trauma is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics. When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco General is first on the scene, traveling by...


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On ABC NEW!
How well do you know your friends? Would you bet your life on it? It's not what we share with our friends, but what we keep hidden that defines what kind of people we are. After spending every minute of the last two years living, working, and partying together, Jay, Tyler... Action


Friday, 09:00 pm On Netflix NEW!
Hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These 'travelers' assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions... Science Fiction


Tuesday, 10:00 pm On USA Network NEW!
Treadstone explores the origin story and present-day actions of a fictional CIA black-ops program known as Operation Treadstone - a covert program that uses a behavior-modification protocol to turn recruits into nearly-superhuman assassins. The series follows sleeper agents...


Monday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
When the past catches up with MI6 asset Adam Lawrence in the form of Kara, a Russian spy with whom he shares a complicated past, he is forced to question everything and everyone in his life.... Action

Treasure Hunters

Monday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
Treasure Hunters is an exciting new adventure quest series featuring multi-player teams that will be sent off around the globe on a search for clues leading to the location of a hidden treasure. The first team to decipher all of the clues will be given the location of the... Reality

Treasure Quest

Thursday, 10:00pm On Discovery Channel NEW!
Hunt with Odyssey Marine Exploration as they search for the ocean's greatest lost treasures. See underwater technologies, learn about the history and mystery of shipwrecks, and discover centuries old lost... Documentary


Sunday, 09:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Tremé takes its name from a neighborhood of New Orleans and portrays life in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane. Beginning three months after Hurricane Katrina, the residents of New Orleans, including musicians, chefs, Mardi Gras Indians, and other New Orleanians... Drama


Friday, 08:00 pm On SciFi NEW!
This spinoff of the Tremor movies chronicles the town of Perfection, Nevada, which has a little problem with great big worms. The Graboids, and their offspring the Shriekers and Ass-Blasters, have overrun the valley but are on the government's protected species list. The... Science Fiction

Trial & Error

Thursday, 09:00 pm On NBC NEW!
A bright-eyed New York lawyer heads to a tiny Southern town for his first big case, which is to defend an eccentric "rollercizing" poetry professor who is accused of the bizarre murder of his beloved wife. Settling into his makeshift office behind a taxidermy shop and... Comedy

Tribes of Europa

Friday, 09:00 am On Netflix NEW!
Set in 2074, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe causes the continent to fracture into dystopian warring tribal microstates who vie for dominance over other states. The siblings get caught up in the conflict when they come into... Action


Wednesday, 09:00 pm On CBC NEW!
An Indigenous teen struggles to support his dysfunctional family as myth, magic, and monsters slowly infiltrate his... Fantasy


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha become friends after finding each other at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. The characters have different personalities and personas in school, keeping their friendship a secret: Elodie is an introvert; Moe favors punk style; while Tabitha comes... Comedy


Wednesday, 02:00 am On Netflix NEW!
What would you do if you met two people identical to you? Three women try to unearth the mysterious reason they were... Drama


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A fifteen-year-old boy stumbles upon a magical amulet that transforms him into a warrior with the title of Trollhunter. He is the chosen defender of the trolls that live below the human town of Arcadia from miscreants who try to disrupt... Animation


Monday, 08:30 pm On Sky1 NEW!
Set in Valco, a fictional budget supermarket in the north west of England, Trollied finds the funny in one of our most familiar surroundings and focuses on the types of characters we all recognise: bored checkout staff, ineffectual managers and a range of customers, from... Comedy

Tron: Uprising

Friday, 07:30 pm On Disney XD NEW!
Beck is a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of The Grid. His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu and his henchman General Tesler. Beck will be trained by Tron - the greatest... Animation

Trophy Wife

Tuesday, 09:30 pm On ABC NEW!
They say the third time's the charm, and reformed party girl Kate is hoping that's true when she becomes Pete's third wife. She fell into his arms (literally) at a karaoke bar, and a year later Kate's got an insta-family, complete with three stepchildren and two ex-wives.... Comedy

Troy: Fall of a City

Saturday, 09:10 pm On BBC One NEW!
Told from the perspective of the Trojan royal family at the heart of the siege, Troy: Fall Of A City is retell the story of the 10 year old siege of Troy, which occurred in the 12 or 13th century... Action

Tru Calling

Friday, 08:00 pm On FOX NEW!
A university graduate working in the city morgue is able to repeat the same day over again to prevent murders or other... Supernatural

True Blood

Sunday, 09:00 pm On HBO NEW!
Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic barmaid finds comfort in the company of vampires since they have no brainwave activity for her to read. She and her brother Jason were raised by her grandmother after losing their parents in a flood and she tries to keep her telepathic...

True Justice

Friday, 09:00 pm On ReelzChannel NEW!
On the streets of Seattle, every day is war. An undercover team is chosen to protect the streets, led by Elijah Kane. Deputy Sarah Montgomery is the rookie, eager to earn respect from the team. Against the wishes of her parents, she escaped business school for the action... Action

True Lies

Wednesday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
Helen is an unfulfilled suburban housewife who is shocked to discover that her bland and unremarkable computer consultant husband, Harry, is a skilled international spy. From there, the marrieds are propelled into a life of danger and adventure when Helen is recruited to... Action

True Story

Wednesday, 11.59pm On Netflix NEW!
During his tour, the comedian Kid stops in his hometown, Philadelphia, where he meets his older brother, Carlton. The day after a night out with the latter, Kid realizes that he can lose everything he has managed to build until... Crime


Sunday, 10:00 pm On FX NEW!
The trials and triumphs of one of America's wealthiest and unhappiest families, the Gettys. Told over multiple seasons and spanning the twentieth century, the series begins in 1973 with the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, an heir to the Getty oil fortune, by the Italian... Crime

Trust Me

Monday, 10:00 pm On TNT NEW!
Set against the backdrop of the high-pressure world of advertising, Mason and Conner are a pair of ad men who, although they differ greatly in their approach to their work and their lives, are better together than they are apart. Mason, an art director, is a... Drama

Truth Be Told

Friday, 08:30 pm On NBC NEW!
If you can think it, they will say it. As two diverse couples, who are both neighbors and best friends, go through life side by side, they can't help but analyze and obsess about EVERYTHING. From topics like sex and race, to the fact that the trusted new babysitter might... Comedy

Truth Be Told (2019)

Friday, 11:59 pm On Apple TV+ NEW!
True crime podcaster Poppy Parnell is called to investigate the case of convicted killer Warren Cave, a man she painted as the murderer of the father of identical twins. Soon, Parnell must decide where the lines between guilt and innocence lie when Cave claims that he was... Crime

Truth Seekers

Friday, 11:59 pm On Amazon Prime Video NEW!
Gus Roberts is the number one engineer at Smyle, Britain's biggest mobile network operator and internet service provider. In his spare time he's also a keen investigator of the paranormal. Gus is initially disappointed when his boss David partners him up with new recruit... Supernatural

The Tudors

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
The Tudors focuses on key points of King Henry VIII's nearly 40 year, omnipotent reign (1509-1547) over England. Infamous relationships are explored, like those with female consorts Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, as well as political alliances with Sir Thomas...

The Tunnel

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On Sky Atlantic NEW!
When a prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the UK and France, detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are sent to investigate on behalf of their respective countries. However, the case takes a surreal turn when a shocking discovery is made... Crime


Saturday, 09:00 pm On AMC NEW!
Taking place from 1776 to 1781, a Setauket, New York, farmer and his childhood friends form an unlikely group of spies called the Culper Ring which eventually helps to turn the tide during the American Revolutionary War. Beginning in October 1776, shortly after British...

Turner & Hooch

Friday, 11:59 pm On Disney+ NEW!
When ambitious, buttoned-up U.S. Marshal Scott Turner inherits an unruly dog named Hooch, he soon realizes the dog he didn't want may be the partner he needs. Together, the partnership, alongside the rest of the Turner family discover that his father's death may not have... Crime

Turn Up Charlie

Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor is given a final chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a manny to his famous best friend's problem-child... Comedy


Sunday, 09:00 pm On ITV NEW!
Archaeologist Howard Carter stumbles upon evidence of an undiscovered tomb of one of Egypt's forgotten Pharaohs, Tutankhamun. His peers, however, scorn it as being impossible, save for one man: the wealthy Lord Carnarvon, a born gambler and thrill-seeker, who agrees to fund... Drama

The Twelve

Tuesday, 08:30 pm On Fox Showcase NEW!
12 ordinary people who are selected for jury duty in a murder trial as traumatising as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing a... Crime

The Twilight Zone (1959)

Friday, 10:00 pm On CBS NEW!
The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic. They may be scary or just thought-provoking. Most episodes have unexpected endings and a moral lesson. But, no matter what, it's "a journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are... Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone (1985)

Friday, 08:00 pm On CBS NEW!
This show is based on Rod Serling's classic TV anthology show, The Twilight Zone. Redoing some episodes and doing new ones 20 years laters after the originals, these are made in color and in one-hour episodes. Most of the episodes contained two or three stories, and were... Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone (2002)

Wednesday, 09:00 pm On UPN NEW!
You're travelling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound... but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are only that of the imagination... you're entering... the Twilight Zone... What began in 1959 with the great Rod Serling... Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone

Thursday, 08:00 pm On CBS All Access NEW!
Jordan Peele will host and narrate an updated version of the classic TV series featuring various tales of science fiction, horror and mystery. What began in 1959 with the great Rod Serling continues into the 21st century, these are still new ideas, told with a fresh and... Science Fiction

Twin Peaks

Sunday, 09:00 pm On Showtime NEW!
Twin Peaks follows FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he is sent to assist in the investigation of a murdered girl. However, he soon realizes that there's many strange happenings in the small logging town of Twin Peaks. Season one opens with the discovery of the body of... Supernatural


Friday, 08:30 pm On The WB NEW!
Twins is set in a family-run lingerie company. The clan is made up of patriarch Alan Arnold, a dumpy, bumbling every-man and his wife Lee, a former underwear model, and their two fraternal twin daughters - Mitchee and Farrah. Needless to say, the Twins are as unalike as... Comedy


Tuesday, 09:00 pm On ABC Family NEW!
Danny Desai is a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after spending five years in juvenile detention. Immediately branded an outcast, Danny attempts to reconnect with his two childhood best friends, Jo and Lacey, and to smooth over... Drama

Two and a Half Men

Thursday, 09:00 pm On CBS NEW!
"Two and a Half Men" was originally about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie Harper; his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan's growing son, Jake. Charlie's free-wheeling life is complicated when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie's... Comedy

Two Weeks to Live

Wednesday, 08:00 pm On Sky1 NEW!
Kim Noakes is a young misfit who lives a secluded country life. When an unlikely prank goes wrong, she finds herself on the run from a murderous gangster and the police with a massive bag of stolen cash. With the survival techniques she has picked up from her upbringing... Comedy

Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots

Tuesday, 09:00 pm On OWN NEW!
Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, 'The Haves and the Have Nots' is a drama series following the dynamics of the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, their housekeeper, and the obstacles and secrets that exist within both... Drama


Friday, 11:59 pm On Netflix NEW!
A group of children Sameera, Satyajit, and Devraj, live in Bardez, Goa. The inquisitive friends form a ghost club and decide to seek a ghost at an old haunted villa in their neighbourhood as their first mission. Their curiosity stems from an old story involving an old man... Supernatural


Wednesday, 10:00 pm On FX NEW!
The series tells the story of an unassuming American family drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation. Bassam "Barry" Al Fayeed, the younger son of the dictator of a war-torn nation, ends a self-imposed 20-year exile to return to his homeland, accompanied... Drama
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