On the streets of Seattle, every day is war. An undercover team is chosen to protect the streets, led by Elijah Kane.
Deputy Sarah Montgomery is the rookie, eager to earn respect from the team. Against the wishes of her parents, she escaped business school for the action of the police force and a chance to make a difference. Sarah has a lot to learn.
Deputy Brett Radner is the all-American tough guy who comes from a long line of cops. He is the loose cannon of the crew, but his heart is in the right place, and with a little guidance he keeps on the right path.
Deputy Juliet Sanders is an attractive, yet hard-nosed, policewoman whose personality is kept in check by a respect and admiration for her boss.
Deputy Andre Mason is a by-the-book cop whose dedication to the law is surpassed only by the love for his pregnant wife. He walks a fine line, trying to juggle career and family.
Only the bravest will survive. If you are on the wrong side, they are coming after you.

True Justice Ended after Season 2

ReelzChannel aired the final episode on Wednesday 26th September 2012

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