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Disney+ // Superhero NEW!
Maya Lopez's ruthless behaviour in New York City, as part of Wilson Fisk's criminal empire, catches up with her in her hometown; she must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and... Wednesday, 11:59 pm

Extended Family

NBC // Comedy NEW!
After an amicable divorce, Jim and Julia decide to continue to raise their kids at the family home while taking turns on who gets to stay with them. Navigating the waters of divorce and child-sharing gets more complicated for Jim when the owner of his favorite sports team enters... Wednesday, 8:30 pm

The Doll Factory

Paramount+ // Period NEW!
Set in London in 1850, The Doll Factory tells the story of Iris, who paints dolls for a living alongside her twin sister, Rose, and dreams of becoming an artist and by night secretly paints herself naked. Silas is a taxidermist who owns a shop filled with his creations. He... Tuesday, 11:59 pm

Platform 7

ITVX // Supernatural NEW!
The drama is a haunting thriller following central character Lisa who, after witnessing a cataclysmic event on platform 7 of a railway station, finds her own fragmented memory jogged to reveal a connection between her own life and that of the event she has just witnessed.... Thursday, 11:59 pm

The Couple Next Door

Channel 4 // Drama NEW!
Evie and Pete move into an upscale neighbourhood and find themselves in a world of curtain twitching and status anxiety. They find friendship in the shape of the couple next door, alpha traffic cop Danny and his wife, glamorous yoga instructor Becka, but after Danny and Evie... Monday, 09:00 pm

Carol & The End of The World

Netflix // Animation NEW!
With a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth, extinction is imminent for the people of the world. While most feel liberated to pursue their wildest dreams, one quiet and always uncomfortable woman stands alone andmdash; lost among the hedonistic... Saturday, 11:59 pm

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Disney+ // Fantasy NEW!
Tells the fantastical story of the titular 12-year-old modern demigod, who's just coming to terms with his newfound supernatural powers when the sky god Zeus accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt. Now Percy must trek across America to find it and restore order to... Thursday, 11:59 pm

How to Be a Bookie

HBO Max // Comedy NEW!
A veteran bookie struggles to survive the impending legalization of sports gambling, increasingly unstable clients, family, co-workers, and a lifestyle that bounces him around every corner of Los Angeles, high and... Friday, 11:59 pm

Faraway Downs

Hulu // Period NEW!
English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley travels halfway across the world to confront her wayward husband and sell an unusual asset: a million-acre cattle ranch in the Australian Outback called Faraway Downs. Following the death of her husband, a ruthless Australian cattle baron... Sunday, 11.59pm

Grime Kids

BBC Three // Drama NEW!
Tired of being nobodies, five friends start their own UK garage crew with dreams of pirate radio and local fame. Friendship, love, loss, and a lot of growing up soon... Monday, 11:59 pm

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story

Disney+ // Documentary NEW!
2009, in the most expensive and technologically advanced racing series on earth, the impossible happened. An understaffed, underfinanced independent team won the world championship. A Formula One fairy tale, the series tells the extraordinary story of how Brawn GP pulled off a... Wednesday, 11:59 pm


ITVX // Drama NEW!
A four-part drama depicting the life of Hollywood's greatest leading man, Cary Grant, who touched the world with his charm, his grace and enduring vivacity. The series narrates the story of a young Archibald Alexander Leach's troubled childhood and how extreme poverty, his... Thursday, 11:59 pm

Boat Story

BBC One // Crime NEW!
When two hard-up strangers, Janet and Samuel, stumble across a haul of cocaine on a shipwrecked boat, they can't believe their luck. After agreeing to sell it and split the cash, they quickly find themselves entangled with police, masked hitmen, and a sharp-suited gangster known... Sunday, 11:59 pm

The Railway Men

Netflix // Drama NEW!
A toxic gas escaped from an American pesticide plant in the central Indian city of Bhopal killed thousands of people. The protagonists of "The Railway Men" are workers at the Bhopal railway station who saved thousands of... Saturday, 11:59 pm

The Curse (US)

Showtime // Comedy NEW!
Newly married couple Whitney and Asher are convinced they're helping to build communities - and save lives - by developing eco-friendly homes for 'Fliplanthropy', their socially conscious new reality show. But behind every on-camera renovation lies a path of off-camera... Sunday, 10:00 pm

Tales of the Tardis

BBC iPlayer // Documentary NEW!
Doctors and old friends reunite to remember their travels in time and space, from the dawn of human history to distant alien worlds. And everywhere they go, they find adventure, terror, chases, joy and monsters.... Wednesday, 06:00 am

All the Light We Cannot See

Netflix // Period NEW!
In this epic limited series based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller, a blind French girl and a young German soldier's paths collide during... Thursday, 11:59 pm

The Artful Dodger

Disney+ // Period NEW!
In Australia in the 1850s, Jack Dawkins works as a seemingly respectable surgeon. However, when an old acquaintance resurfaces, his penchant for a life of crime from his time as a London-based pickpocket called Artful Dodger, also... Thursday, 08:00 pm

NCIS: Sydney

Paramount+ // Action NEW!
The eclectic team of U.S. NCIS Agents and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are grafted into a multi-national taskforce to keep naval crimes in check in the most contested patch of ocean on the... Tuesday, 08:00 pm

The Enfield Poltergeist

Apple TV+ // Documentary NEW!
Experience the chilling true story of the world's most famous poltergeist case through original audio recordings made inside the house as the events... Friday, 11:59 pm

007: Road to a Million

Amazon Prime Video // Action NEW!
Filmed at historical Bond locations, features contestants competing in tests of intelligence and endurance to win a andpound;1 million cash... Friday, 11:59 pm


Netflix // Crime NEW!
Rome, 2011. The government is in danger of falling, the Vatican is in crisis and the squares of the city are literally set on fire. In the middle world Cinaglia has tried to take up the legacy of Samurai and, together with Badali, continues to manage the criminal affairs of the... Tuesday, 11:59pm

The Therapy

Amazon Prime Video // Crime NEW!
The Therapy follows the fate of a psychiatrist who, years after her disappearance, must once again deal with the loss of his daughter, who has been missing for... Thursday, 11:59 pm


Disney+ // Action NEW!
After witnessing his mother's brutal murder as a child, a young man sets on a path of taking justice into his own hands and finds himself assuming the role of a vigilante, correcting the wrongs of repeat... Wednesday, 11:59pm
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