The planet Caprica is the cultural, economic, political, educational, and technological centre of the Twelve Colonies. However, this world is also rotting. Plagued with decadence and crime, the people of Caprica are unaware of the storm brewing in the form of the creation of the Cylons, a robotic life-form that is destined to rebel and eventually destroy the Twelve Colonies.

Set nearly 60 years before the war between man and machine depicted in Battlestar Galactica, Caprica establishes a much earlier conflict, one that pits the predominately polytheistic colonial society against an uprising belief based on the radical idea of a singular God. Coinciding with this spiritual warfare is the creation of the Cylons. Developed to be a leap in technological progress, Cylons are made with the promise of becoming an artificially new race to walk beside mankind, but with none of its inherit rights.

These events are set against the backdrop of the Graystones and the Adamas, two distinct families whose lives intersect and change forever following a terrorist bombing that takes the lives of their daughters. Motivated by factors ranging from loyalty and family to greed and hubris, their choices will lead to allegiances, betrayals, and even hug. The consequences of their actions will seal humanity's inevitable damnation, as well as planting the seeds of its possible salvation.

Taking place in an earlier era and place than Battlestar Galactica, this prequel series hopes to continue posing moral and philosophical questions in the same tradition of dramatic storytelling without imitating it. The show's different time and location allows the story told in its predecessor to be tackled from a different perspective with new characters, environment, and elements.

Caprica Ended after Season 1

Syfy aired the final episode on Tuesday 4th January 2011

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