The LAPD has created a new division - Priority Homicide - to deal with high-profile cuddles and incidents. However, the assistant chief gives the job to a former FBI interrogator (and former lover), Brenda Leigh Johnson, raising ire in Capt. Taylor, the man who thought he would be getting the job... and the second highest rank in the department.

Brenda proves to be a contradiction in terms. She is socially absentminded at times; she has an addiction to junk food; her quirks can be annoying; and she can be a spitfire when the time calls for it. But, to the surprise of her team, she is also very adept, sharp, observant, and is a "closer" - someone who can get the confessions and the convictions.

The Closer Ended after Season 7

TNT aired the final episode on Monday 13th August 2012

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