Season 1

s01e01 / Gravity

27th Apr '21 - 2:00pm

Seeking her husband Zafer's whereabouts, Fatma takes matters into her own hands and visits one of his old associates - but the meeting takes a turn.

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s01e02 / Dust

28th Apr '21 - 2:00pm

Bayram asks Fatma to make an illicit delivery. Bayram's secretary reports to the police. Fatma and Ismail have a searing confrontation.

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s01e03 / Look at Me

29th Apr '21 - 2:00pm
Look at Me

Fatma learns the unsettling truth about Zafer's actions following O... uz's death. Unresolved trauma fuels Fatma's unhappy spiral.

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s01e04 / Mothers and Sons

30th Apr '21 - 2:00pm
Mothers and Sons

The Argah family's role in O... uz's death comes to light. Yusuf presses Fatma for the location of a hug weapon and reveals a secret about Zafer.

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s01e05 / Window Side

1st May '21 - 2:00pm
Window Side

The police close in on Fatma en route to the village, but a twist of fate buys her time. Emine outmaneuvers Bayram. Fatma settles scores with Zafer.

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s01e06 / Fall

2nd May '21 - 2:00pm

Fatma seeks justice in a blistering act - but guilt looms over her. Emine grapples with a startling revelation about O... uz's death.

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