01 /  Pilot

13th Nov '17 - 12:30pm

The FBI rescues a girl who was kidnapped. Fifteen years later, she joins forces with FBI agent Frank Novak, the man who saved her on that fateful day, in an effort to find a young girl kidnapped from her school.


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02 /  Ride

20th Nov '17 - 12:30pm

The team are faced with multiple missing persons' cases. This time, three female college students - Zoey Price, Amy Holt and Jenna Tucker - request rides through a popular app, but they never make it home.


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03 /  Crystal

27th Nov '17 - 12:30pm

When Greg Kleckner's pregnant wife, is abducted, in front of him and in broad daylight. The team identifies a person of interest, but quickly realizes that no one involved in this case is who they appear to be.


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04 /  Tiger

4th Dec '17 - 12:30pm

When a father is taken, the team discovers that the entire family is missing. Soon after two more people go missing and the team is in a race against the clock to put together the pieces of what appears to be a tiger kidnapping.


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05 /  Family Photo

11th Dec '17 - 12:30pm
Family Photo

As the team investigate a string of abductions, they stumble upon a network of illicit activity and realise that this case is bigger than they initially thought. Also, Kick comes face-to-face with her past.


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06 /  Savior

18th Dec '17 - 12:30pm

When the sister of a famous pop star is abducted the team dives headfirst into the case. Frank grows concerned about Kick and questions whether he made the right decision by bringing her onto the task force.


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07 /  Don't Go

8th Jan '18 - 12:30pm
Don't Go

When David and Karen Crawford disappear from a remote campsite, the task force quickly jumps on the trail to hunt down the kidnapper. Frank and Kennedy wonder if this crime is linked to a past, unsolved case.


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08 /  Romans

15th Jan '18 - 12:30pm

When the team gets involved in the abduction of a father, they discover something that was buried many years ago. Kit takes a next step and James gets a disturbing call.


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09 /  Exigent Circumstances

22nd Jan '18 - 12:30pm
Exigent Circumstances

When Nancy Dillon discovers her daughter, Sam, has been kidnapped, she takes matters into her own hands bringing as much of the ransom demand as possible to the kidnappers in hopes of her daughter's safe return.


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10 /  Secuestrado

29th Jan '18 - 12:30pm

When Juliet Larkin gets abducted, Frank's task force quickly goes through the evidence, but it doesn't leave them with many leads. Neil Pruitt continues prying into Kit's life, unbeknown to her, stirring up more unwanted attention in the media.


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11 /  Demons

5th Feb '18 - 12:30pm

An innocent man riding his bike through a Pittsburgh park is attacked and abducted in broad daylight, but the only eyewitness is a nearly blind, 90-year-old woman.


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12 /  Rise

12th Feb '18 - 12:30pm

A newly reformed Mel Foster befriends an ally in prison and then the unthinkable happens. Just when Kick is enjoying the company of Noah and his parents, she receives devastating news that threatens to derail her life as she knows it.


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