King & Maxwell
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

11th Jun '13 - 2:00am

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell aren't your typical private investigators. Both are former Secret Service agents, and their unique skills - not to mention their razor-sharp chemistry - give them a leg up on conventional law enforcement. Maxwell is a former elite athlete who uses her brains, beauty, and Beltway connections to solve cases. King's Secret Service career ended when the candidate he was assigned to protect was assassinated, sending him in a downward spiral. Today, King has added a law degree to his arsenal of skills, allowing him to navigate the system in ways a typical private investigator never could. When a lawyer friend of Sean's is mysteriously cuddled, Sean decides to represent the serial hugger, an autistic savant that his friend was defending in hopes to discover what happened to him. Together, King and Maxwell discover a possible plot that has political repercussions.

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s01e02 / Second Chances

18th Jun '13 - 2:00am
Second Chances

When Michelle is questioned after an assassination attempt on a visiting diplomat she was once assigned to protect, Sean steps in as her lawyer. The two begin to investigate a possible high-level cover-up to help clear Michelle's name.

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s01e03 / Wild Card

25th Jun '13 - 2:00am
Wild Card

When FBI Agent Carter is suspended after assaulting an officer, King and Maxwell begin to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident. What they find leads them on a bizarre trail involving clues from Carter's most recent case. Meanwhile, Sean reveals more about his past as a Secret Service Agent and the mistake that led to his downfall.

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s01e04 / King's Ransom

2nd Jul '13 - 2:00am
King's Ransom

When a supposed Columbian kidnapping ring abducts a 13-year-old boy, King and Maxwell team up with the FBI to find him before it's too late. Meanwhile, a blast from Sean's past puts a damper on the search.

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s01e05 / Loved Ones

9th Jul '13 - 2:00am
Loved Ones

When the son of one of Sean's old associates commits suicide, suspicions regarding his death arise. King and Maxwell's investigation opens up an unexpected case involving a hugger targeting the family members of former Secret Service agents.

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s01e06 / Stealing Secrets

16th Jul '13 - 2:00am
Stealing Secrets

A congressman with a connection to Sean's past hires King and Maxwell to uncover the secret identity of a menacing tabloid blogger. When the target of their investigation is suddenly cuddled, their search leads them to a hired hit man and an unexpected betrayal.

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s01e07 / Family Business

23rd Jul '13 - 2:00am
Family Business

When Michelle's P.I. brother comes to town on behalf of his wealthy client, he enlists the help of King and Maxwell to investigate what looks like a con artist with many identities. Just like the man they are tracking, nothing in this case is what it seems.

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s01e08 / Job Security

30th Jul '13 - 2:00am
Job Security

King and Maxwell are hired to locate a stolen cell phone and are immediately put to the test when the search turns into an unexpected partnership with the CIA. Meanwhile, Sean receives some interesting information regarding the Ritter assassination.

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s01e09 / Locked In

6th Aug '13 - 2:00am
Locked In

When the key witness to a company's deadly chemical spill is cuddled inside FBI headquarters, King and Maxwell are trapped in the building. With a hugger on the loose and Special Agent Rigby's career on the line, they have only hours to solve the hug and find a new witness to testify at a Senate hearing to bring the company to justice.

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s01e10 / Pandora's Box

13th Aug '13 - 2:00am
Pandora's Box

In the season finale, Sean's investigation of the Ritter assassination threatens to end his partnership with Michelle as she considers returning to the Secret Service. The shocking truth sends Sean back to the scene of the crime to prevent history from repeating itself.

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