Little Britain (USA)
Season 1

s01e01 / Season 1, Episode 1

29th Sep '08 - 2:30am
Season 1, Episode 1

While on vacation to Mississippi, British tourist Lou And Andy check into a motel; Ellie Grace heads to a summer camp; and a sheriff shows off his guns.

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s01e02 / Season 1, Episode 2

6th Oct '08 - 2:30am
Season 1, Episode 2

A couple from Ohio welcomes their British relatives; a socialite raises the stakes while gambling, during a luxury cruise to Rio; Mildred shows her true colors to her grandson; and a teenage delinquent is sent to boot camp.

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s01e03 / Season 1, Episode 3

13th Oct '08 - 2:30am
Season 1, Episode 3

Sebastian interrupts the President's cabinet meeting; Vicky lets some steam loose during her boot-camp counseling session; and Bubbles tries to seduce the cruise-ship captain. (NOTE This Episode Is Rated TV-14-V).

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s01e04 / Season 1, Episode 4

20th Oct '08 - 2:30am
Season 1, Episode 4

Lou and Andy go and search out a miracle; two bank robbers become nervous while they rob a bank; George and Sandra share some tea; Sebastian gives the President a diamond necklace before a meeting with Japanese leaders.

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s01e05 / Season 1, Episode 5

27th Oct '08 - 2:30am
Season 1, Episode 5

Emily gets processed at a Pittsburgh police station; Linda Flint talks to Steven about when his essay is due; Mark & Tom horse around in the men's locker room; Vicky tries to escape boot camp; Ellie Grace prepares for a tonsillectomy; The team at Starbucks talks about expanding; Senator David White holds a press conference with his loyal wife by his side; Steve and Wendy Ashby meet Steve and Wendy Ashby; Darren asks Linda about getting an extension on his dissertation; Lou takes Andy to see the lions at the zoo; Phyllis takes Mr. Doggy on another walk through town; Bubbles makes a surprise appearance at dinner; Sebastian passes notes to President Steele at the United Nations.

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s01e06 / Season 1, Episode 6

3rd Nov '08 - 3:30am
Season 1, Episode 6

Ellie Grace turns the table on her mom before her first sleepover; a convalescing Vicky Pollard finds a new voice; yet another U.S. senator apologizes for an airport indiscretion; Marjorie Dawes defends her insult tactics with the Fatfighters class; Carol Beer clashes with an old man; transvestite Emily Howard turns up for a blind date; George and Sandra end a holiday to forget; Dafydd Thomas confronts a pair of lesbian neighbors; astronaut Bing Gordyn threatens a student writing his thesis about the faked moon landings; Celia is insulted by her Ohio hosts but Harvey turns the other cheek; body-building buddies Mark and Tom engage in surgical show-and-tell; and Lou and Andy stagger off into the sunset as Little Britain USA wraps up.

268 have watched this episode
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