Season 1

s01e01 / Welcome to Maldivas

16th Jun '22 - 3:59am
Welcome to Maldivas

After getting engaged, Liz hits the road to reunite with her mother in Rio de Janeiro. A suspicious and mysterious fire occurs at the Maldivas condo.

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s01e02 / You think I don't watch CSI?

17th Jun '22 - 3:59am
You think I don't watch CSI?

Investigator Denilson comes into play to uncover what happened to Liz's mother. A gang breaks into the condo during a tribute to Patrícia.

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s01e03 / I am Patrícia Duque!

18th Jun '22 - 3:59am
I am Patrícia Duque!

Liz starts an investigation on her own, which involves befriending Maldivas' most notorious residents. But she soon lands on Detective Denilson's radar.

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s01e04 / Incendiary

19th Jun '22 - 3:59am

Denilson interrogates Liz. As Rayssa stages a poolside performance, a finding turns the investigation upside down and discloses Patrícia's dark secrets.

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s01e05 / Call Sandro

20th Jun '22 - 3:59am
Call Sandro

Liz finds new evidence that completely changes the course of the investigation. Veronica proves to be deeply involved in Patrícia's vanishing.

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s01e06 / Playing with Fire

21st Jun '22 - 3:59am
Playing with Fire

An old crime is linked to what occurred at Patrícia's apartment. Veronica helps Patrícia to disappear again, but they encounter a nasty surprise.

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s01e07 / It's over, Leia

22nd Jun '22 - 3:59am
It's over, Leia

Milene processes Rayssa's betrayal. Veronica comes clean about the fire. As Liz prepares to walk down the aisle, the truth about her family surfaces.

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