Season 1

s01e01 / Black Rain

29th Apr '22 - 10:00pm
Black Rain

After an ancient statue of the Buddha was excavated in Jinyang-gun, strange things start to happen. The people in Jinyang-gun see the black rain coming down from the sky. Archaeologist Ki-hoon believes that all the incidents come from the statue of the Buddha. Also, he thinks that the statue is cursed. Ki-hoon's wife, who is living in Jinyang-gun, happens to see the statue of the Buddha being exhibited in the county office.

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s01e02 / Pandemic

30th Apr '22 - 10:00pm

Do-kyung is forced to go to Jinyang-gun county office for voluntary work. At the county office, there are the governor and citizens gathered to have a discussion about the black rain and come up with a solution for those who are suffering from the damage by the black rain. Yong-joo, who bullies Do-kyung, also comes to the county office. However, people suddenly start to go mad and unhappy, and chaos is brought to the county office.

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s01e03 / Rumors

1st May '22 - 10:00pm

Those who survived the violence and fight lock the entrance to the county office. Yong-joo suggests that this chaos came from those who got infected by the virus in the black rain. He adds that anyone who got the black rain should be removed. In the meantime, Ki-hoon and Seok-hee are blocked by the army from going into Jinyang-gun. They start to look for a way into Jinyang-gun.

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s01e04 / Talisman

2nd May '22 - 10:00pm

Ki-hoon and Seok-hee head to the county office together. Ki-hoon later learns that the haunted statue's eyes could be especially dangerous to the weak-hearted. Yong-joo keeps provoking the governor to separate the infected from the others, and the chaos continues in the county office.

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s01e05 / Black Memory

3rd May '22 - 10:00pm
Black Memory

Governor Kwon cowardly changes his opinion and decides to abandon the infected. Do-kyung does his best to save Soo-jin. Yong-joo leads everyone to the bus outside and abandons the infected. Meanwhile, Ki-hoon and Seok-hee make it to the county office.

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s01e06 / The Haunted Buddha Statue

4th May '22 - 10:00pm
The Haunted Buddha Statue

To Seok-hee's horror, she finds Do-kyung infected. She does her best to bring her son back to his senses, but it doesn't seem to work. Ki-hoon finally saves Soo-jin, but Ki-hoon fails to keep his eyes shut. Now Soo-jin has to save Ki-hoon from the haunted Buddha statue.

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