Next Of Kin
Season 1

s01e01 / Series 1, Episode 1

8th Jan '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 1

Successful GP Mona Mirza receives word that her brother has been kidnapped in Pakistan while en route back to the UK. The family's shock is not made any easier as it emerges her brother's teenage son Danny has aroused the interest of the police counter-terrorism unit following his disappearance from university, so Mona attempts to find Danny before the police do.

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s01e02 / Series 1, Episode 2

15th Jan '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 2

Having secretly got in touch with Danny in Lahore, Mona is approached by police counterterrorism chief Vivien Barnes to travel to Pakistan and identify Kareem's body. Despite her husband Guy's resistance, Mona immediately flies out and tries to make contact with her nephew, but when she absconds from a Lahore mortuary to attend a rendezvous with Danny, the GP's search leads her to a remote part of the city and grave danger. Thriller, starring Archie Panjabi, Jack Davenport, Claire Skinner and Viveik Kalra.

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s01e03 / Series 1, Episode 3

22nd Jan '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 3

Mona returns to the UK and is determined to investigate Danny's suspected links to radical Islam despite her injuries, but her efforts to get Danny to safety on the day of Kareem's funeral have unexpectedly dire consequences for the family.

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s01e04 / Series 1, Episode 4

29th Jan '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 4

Mona is released from custody and agrees to become a tasked witness and help the police bring Danny in as an informant, but the fallout from her actions at home is disastrous, and her marriage is under more strain than ever.

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s01e05 / Series 1, Episode 5

5th Feb '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 5

Omar attempts to step in and rescue Danny but puts the entire counter-terrorism operation in danger. With the terror cell compromised and off-grid, the police's trust in Danny is severely damaged in the process.

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s01e06 / Series 1, Episode 6

6th Feb '18 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 6

Barnes and the counter-terrorism unit face a race against time to foil the imminent terror attacks. Their challenge is made even greater still as Mona and Danny are still trapped within the terror cell and their lives are at risk.

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