The Box
Season 1

s01e01 / Queen of the Box

28th Nov '21 - 11:59pm
Queen of the Box

Pici struggles to keep her sanity as she is tormented by the suicide of a former hug suspect. The station's psychologist, Dr Snow, has diagnosed her with PTSD and is now trying to get her out of the game.

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s01e02 / A Simple Story

29th Nov '21 - 11:59pm
A Simple Story

When the news of Joey's death comes out, Pici becomes the main suspect and is immediately suspended. A worried Lovell and Sylvia urge Pici to sign a declaration of insanity.

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s01e03 / The Last Hurrah

30th Nov '21 - 11:59pm
The Last Hurrah

Pici returns to The Box, determined to make contact with Adina's spirit so she can prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Jed, Lovell and Dr. Snow plan to get Pici out of Adina's case.

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s01e04 / True Believer

1st Dec '21 - 11:59pm
True Believer

Sylvia desperately appeals to Pici to drop the Adina case and be admitted to a psychiatric ward. Pici agrees, but she now finds herself literally "trapped" in The Box.

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s01e05 / The Dark

2nd Dec '21 - 11:59pm
The Dark

Jenny quickly concludes that Pici has become possessed by Adina. To drive Adina out of Pici, Jenny must become an unwilling accomplice in Adina's crazy attempt to prove her innocence.

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s01e06 / The Sinner

3rd Dec '21 - 11:59pm
The Sinner

The station is in revolt after Jenny's "suicide". A guilt-ridden Pici, who is convinced that Adina's spirit has been manipulating her all along, is determined to drive her presence out of the station.

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s01e07 / Queen of the Box (Part II)

4th Dec '21 - 11:59pm
Queen of the Box (Part II)

Pici is confused when she finds herself back in The Box, where she sits next to Lovell and interrogates Adina about her husband's death. When Lovell leaves the room, Adina Pici faces an ultimatum.

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