The Boys Presents: Diabolical
Season 1

s01e01 / Laser Baby's Day Out

5th Mar '22 - 4:59am
Laser Baby's Day Out

Laser eyes plus a cute baby equals an evisceration machine that will melt your heart. Before burning it out of your chest. With her laser eyes.

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s01e02 / An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents

6th Mar '22 - 4:59am
An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents

The title says it all and kinda gives away the ending. Let's just say it's cathartic and messy.

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s01e03 / I'm Your Pusher

7th Mar '22 - 4:59am
I'm Your Pusher

Ripped from the pages of the original THE BOYS comics - Billy Butcher, with Terror in tow, terrorizes a narcotics supplier into spiking a certain supe's fix.

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s01e04 / Boyd in 3D

8th Mar '22 - 4:59am
Boyd in 3D

Social media is a dysmorphic lens that warps how we view ourselves and others and numbs us to what's truly important in life. This is about that.

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s01e05 / BFFs

9th Mar '22 - 4:59am

Inject Compound V and get superpowers. Drink compound V and uh... this happens.

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s01e06 / Nubian vs Nubian

10th Mar '22 - 4:59am
Nubian vs Nubian

Divorce is complicated. Divorce with a kid, even more so. Superheroes getting divorced with a kid who's determined for that NOT to happen? There will be blood...

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s01e07 / John and Sun-Hee

11th Mar '22 - 4:59am
John and Sun-Hee

Put on your crying face for this one as an elderly man risks everything to cure his wife's inoperable cancer.

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s01e08 / One Plus One Equals Two

12th Mar '22 - 4:59am
One Plus One Equals Two

Even a great American hero like Homelander had to start somewhere...

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