The Comedians
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

10th Apr '15 - 2:00am

Premiere of a series about a veteran comedian who is reluctantly paired with a younger comic to produce a comedy sketch show.

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s01e02 / Come to the House

17th Apr '15 - 2:00am
Come to the House

In an attempt to bond outside of work, Billy begrudgingly invites Josh over to watch a ballgame at his house.

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s01e03 / The Red Carpet

24th Apr '15 - 2:00am
The Red Carpet

When Billy and Josh are both nominated for the same award, they decide to walk the red carpet together and end up making a bit of a detour.

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s01e04 / Celebrity Guest

1st May '15 - 2:00am
Celebrity Guest

The guys try to fix the show when the network pushes the premiere date of "The Billy & Josh Show", but they're not on the same page.

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s01e05 / Go for Gad

8th May '15 - 2:00am
Go for Gad

A rumor about a movie role for Josh goes to his head, and Billy isn't too pleased with his attitude.

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s01e06 / Orange You the New Black Guy

15th May '15 - 2:00am
Orange You the New Black Guy

Billy and Josh are determined to employ a black writer after they notice there is no real diversity in their cast and crew.

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s01e07 / Billy's Birthday

22nd May '15 - 2:00am
Billy's Birthday

Josh takes Billy out as he celebrates his birthday.

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s01e08 / Charity

29th May '15 - 2:00am

Billy is involved in an awkward interaction with a homeless man. Josh attends his crush's charity event.

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s01e09 / Damage Control

5th Jun '15 - 2:00am
Damage Control

A humiliating video of Billy and Josh is leaked on the Internet, and the fallout requires some serious spin.

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s01e10 / Misdirection

12th Jun '15 - 2:00am

Billy agrees to hire a douchey director friend of Josh's, who suggests they shoot an "unscripted" sketch in the woods at night.

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s01e11 / Red, White & Working Blue

19th Jun '15 - 2:00am
Red, White & Working Blue

When a sketch gets thrown out at the last minute, the crew has to work over the 4th of July.

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s01e12 / Overhear

26th Jun '15 - 2:00am

Things become tense after Billy overhears Josh and his young comic friends making fun of him behind his back.

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s01e13 / Partners

26th Jun '15 - 2:30am

On the last day of shooting "The Billy & Josh Show", Billy and Josh look to the future.

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