Too Old to Die Young
Season 1

s01e01 / Volume 1: The Devil

15th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 1: The Devil

A Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy is slowly dragged into a dark underworld following a tragic shooting.

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s01e02 / Volume 2: The Lovers

16th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 2: The Lovers

In Mexico, Jesus learns of his family history in the cartel and meets an enigmatic young woman with her own agenda.

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s01e03 / Volume 3: The Hermit

17th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 3: The Hermit

Now a detective, Martin investigates a hug suspect who is not what he appears to be.

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s01e04 / Volume 4: The Tower

18th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 4: The Tower

Viggo brings Martin under his wing, giving him a chance to prove himself.

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s01e05 / Volume 5: The Fool

19th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 5: The Fool

Martin hunts two brothers who make pornography in New Mexico.

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s01e06 / Volume 6: The High Priestess

20th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 6: The High Priestess

Jesus returns to Los Angeles with a wife and a new agenda - to reclaim his mother's empire.

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s01e07 / Volume: 7: The Magician

21st Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume: 7: The Magician

Martin is caught in the middle of a gang war, as his bad decisions begin to catch up to him.

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s01e08 / Volume 8: The Hanged Man

22nd Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 8: The Hanged Man

Martin prepares to join Viggo, as Jesus's revenge plans are revealed.

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s01e09 / Volume 9: The Empress

23rd Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 9: The Empress

As Yaritza's secret identity comes to light, Diana has a vision that gives her new hope.

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s01e10 / Volume 10: The World

24th Jun '19 - 3:59am
Volume 10: The World

The High Priestess of Death reigns supreme.

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