TV Episode Summaries for
22nd July 2021

Big Brother (US) Season 23, Episode 6

Season 23, Episode 6

Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on CBS

Will it be a drop in the bucket for one of the nominees in a crucial Veto competition? Who has what it takes to sunbathe in the victory?

Kung Fu Season 1, Episode 13


Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on The CW

Nicky learns what is needed to open the forge. Meanwhile, an emergency at home threatens to derail Althea and Dennis' tea ceremony.

Masterchef (US) Season 11, Episode 8

Jonathan Waxman - California Mystery Box

Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on FOX

The top 10 home cooks take on a Californian Mystery Box Challenge, with Michelin Star Chef Jonathan Waxman as guest judge. It's the highest stakes challenge yet with an elimination no one sees coming.

Forged in Fire Season 8, Episode 30

Armed Forces Tournament Part 1

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on History

Eight armed forces members redeploy to the forge for a three-part tournament where they will go head-to-head against one other smith in an intense five-hour battle. Up first, the E-4 Duel, where a corporal from the Marines who shares rank with a specialist from the Army will face off. Next, the Two-Branch Duel, where a veteran from the Army and Air Force will battle it out with a veteran from the Navy and the Air Force. Armed with grit and fueled by fire, which smith will take home the ultimate reward of $10,000 and rise to the rank of Forged in Fire Champion?

In the Dark Season 3, Episode 5

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on The CW

Murphy reaches out to an unlikely source for help in getting to Jess but when Trey makes other plans, the whole thing blows up in their faces.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1, Episode 9


Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on FOX

The top two dessert detective teams head back into the kitchen for their final challenges. See which team is declared the best in the crime scene kitchen and walks away with the $100,000 prize. The top two dessert detective teams head back into the kitchen for their final challenges. See which team is declared the best in the crime scene kitchen and walks away with the $100,000 prize.

Guy's Grocery Games Season 27, Episode 3

DDD Summer Games, Part 3: Camp Cook-Off

Airs: 1:00am - 1:30am on Food Network

Guy Fieri's summer tournament continues with three DDD chefs competing in camping-themed games. First, they must make a fireside pork dinner using only items they can throw in a small backpack while following a narrow trail that bypasses half the aisles and avoiding trail dangers such as a wild bear and falling rocks. Then the two top-scoring chefs must try their luck with Hunter Fieri's slingshot, knocking down the canned items they don't want to feature in their grilled fish feast. The chef who hooks the highest combined score gets the catch of the day - $10,000 - plus a spot in the tournament finale.

Good Trouble Season 3, Episode 12


Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on Freeform

Callie wonders if allowing Mariana to work for Kathleen was the right decision; Gael reveals some big news to everyone. Malika opens up about Isaac. Meanwhile, Alice and the CBTV comedians are surprised by a familiar face.

DAVE Season 2, Episode 7

Ad Man

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on FXX

Dave and Emma reminisce about their advertising days while battling present day identity crises, at one of hip hop's largest showcases.

The Late Show [Colbert] Season 6, Episode 159

Emily Blunt, Bob Costas

Airs: 3:35am - 4:35am on CBS

Stephen welcomes actress Emily Blunt and sportscaster Bob Costas.

Never Have I Ever Season 2, Episode 7

... begged for forgiveness

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

Devi must learn the art of a genuine apology before it's too late. Kamala considers standing up for herself. Nalini takes some parenting advice.

Monsters At Work Season 1, Episode 4

The Big Wazowskis

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Disney+

Hoping to get in good with Mike, Tylor signs MIFT up to be Mike's bowling team for the annual Monsters, Inc. Bowl-off-a-thon... only to discover that everyone at MIFT stinks at bo

Turner & Hooch Season 1, Episode 1

Forever and a Dog

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Disney+

When uptight Deputy Marshal Scott Turner inherits Hooch, a giant unruly dog, his new pet destroys his apartment and seems dead set on destroying his career. Scott is desperate to get rid of Hooch, who seems to behave for everyone but him. But when a witness under Marshal protection is kidnapped, he realizes that the dog he never wanted may turn out to be the key to saving the day.

Dr. Death Season 1, Episode 7

Feet of Clay

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Peacock

Duntsch tries to mount a defense; Henderson, Kirby and Shughart seek answers to lingering questions.

The North Water Season 1, Episode 2

We Men Are Wretched Things

Airs: 11:59pm - 12:59am on AMC+

Sumner's adventure turns into a nightmare when one of the crew is murdered. There's no proof, but Sumner can't escape a feeling that Henry Drax is the true culprit.
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