S31E42 Somewhere Between Silences Part One Summary

Tensions between Jez, Iain, Mickey and Scott look set to reach fever pitch after Mickey is brought in to the ED, having been injured during a police chase following a race-related assault on a shopkeeper. Desperate to keep his relationship secret from his hardline brother Scott, Mickey puts on a front and insults Jez, but when Iain realises Scott has intimidated the shopkeeper's wife into silence, he decides to make use of his knowledge to ensure justice is done. Meanwhile, Max takes an interest in attractive mortuary assistant Tara during a speed-dating session at the Hope & Anchor, but the situation becomes complicated after Tara faints, resulting in an illuminating trip back to the hospital

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Casualty Show Summary

Casualty is the world's longest running and most successful medical drama series on television. It depicts the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and all others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large Holby General hospital. By mixing episodic plots with longer, character-based stories it ensures that we get to know the characters as people with lives, not just doctors or nurses. With consistently superb storylines and great acting, Casualty is compulsive viewing. The show began in 1986 and since then only one character remains; the one and only Charlie Fairhead played by Derek Thompson.

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